MAC Ambering Rose ($23.50 Cdn) is a muted rose color with a sheertone shimmer finish. According to me, however, it is a coral rose shade. It is just that perky orange hued rose that goes on very sheer and capable of looking very good on fair to medium skin-tones. Given the fact that it is a sheer makes it work for fair skin-tones and can be packed on for more punch on medium to medium dark skin-tones. Maybe it is too sheer for dark skin-tones, so cannot confidently recommend it. Despite the fact that it looks so bright in the pan, it actually goes rather sheer. It pairs well with almost anything, from bright poppy eyes to simply kohl lined. Overall, I feel it is not the biggest must have blush from MAC, but it is still really nice. If you are a collector of blushes like yours truly, then you will enjoy this blush. It is easy to work with and gives flattering results.

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28 thoughts on “MAC Ambering Rose Blush

      1. Zara

        Haha! Well said…I wish MAC were one of my Nukkad ka dukaan…I’d have loved it…Hell, I wud have probably lived there!


          1. Zara

            haha! Yess…it wud be so much fun..and we wud probably end up buying lots more too 😉 😉

    1. Shivani Post author

      Yup it is a sheertone shimmer blush. I like the shimmer, it is rather subtle. Nothing glitter like about it.


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