Bourjois Rose Lounge Nail Lacquer ($10 Cdn) is that nail polish which Kate Middleton wore the day she became the Duchess of Cambridge. Mmm hmm. Yeah you may remember that wedding if you were alive on April 29, 2010. Yes, I am talking to you! The world went abuzz on her dress, her hair and yes, her make-up. I never did comment on her make-up, but I thought it was very nicely done and OMG she did it herself? I do think the Duchess is one heck of a boring dresser, but I guess that is her job memo. Otherwise isn’t Katey No More Waitey a charmer? I planned to do this post when she was in my hometown of Calgary, but that didn’t happen, I was busy doing other things. No, I didn’t stalk her but a few friends did and caught her shoulder peeking out from her tinted limo window, but that’s about it. I guess that’s still pretty exciting?

Anyways, let’s talk about this nail polish shall we?  Well it is a sheer pink color that has a fabulous texture. I mean the fact that a princess wore it on her wedding day, says it all, doesn’t it? Well let me elaborate if you need more convincing. It is perfect for everyday nails, it is barely there yet provides so much shine and remains chip free for at least 7 days as it claims. It will work on just about any skin tone. It is also the perfect for french manicures. I really must thank Kate for letting the world know about this amazing polish. I don’t think I’ll ever finish any nail polish, but if I finish this, I’ll get it again. I mean, if its good enough for a princess, it must also do for me. (ha ha ha).

Get it if:

  • You like sheer polish
  • You like chip free formulas
  • You have a Kate Middleton Shrine
Don’t get it if:
  • You are Prince William’s ex  girl-friend
  • You don’t like sheer nail paints

What do you think of this polish?

*She also wore Essie Allure but I can’t find that one for the life of me. 
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8 thoughts on “Bourjois Rose Lounge Nail Polish

    1. Shivani Post author

      Really? that’s too bad because Bourjois is a really nice brand. A little overpriced maybe, but it has some cute stuff.


    1. Shivani Post author

      There are only two here. I want to get the other one. I saw an orangish shade when I was in India a year ago. Should have gotten that Bourjois is cheaper there too 😮


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