I recently signed up for Loose Button Luxe Box, which is the Canadian version of Birchbox from US and Glossybox from the UK. Every month they mail out 4-5 deluxe samples for a charge of $12 + GST. The samples are personalized to the “beauty profile” you create when you sign up. Sounds like a deal? Yeah it totally did to me. Being a beauty blogger, I think it is important for me to experiment and what better outlet than deluxe samples?

Want to see what I got?

A deluxe sample of City Lips Lip Plumping Treatment 

Thoughts: I don’t use lip plumping treatments, but that’s the entire point, isn’t it? I’m game. I am happy to get this.

Proclaim Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion

Thoughts: It smells really good and the sample quantity is generous. I do have issues with the quality, though. The product is rather forgettable. It is sticky and not easily absorbed by the skin. Not that moisturizing. The quality is a bummer. 

Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria Fragrance

Thoughts: My favorite sample! The perfume is really amazing and the sample is a nice roll-on! Perfect to keep in your purse. 

Handmade Earrings from Sheyna

Thoughts: What a pleasant surprise. I don’t like artificial jewellery, but I am sure one of the besties or mom will love it. They can have a arm wrestling contest or something 😉 

Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloth

Thoughts: Umm okay, this is a tricky one. I liked getting a sample of make-up wipes. BUT, most of the other people got a full sized nail polish from Cheeky Monkey or a deluxe sized sample of  foundation from PUR minerals. I (and some other people, I assume) just got 2 make-up wipes. I’m so disappointed with this selection! There is a huge difference in value! I’m not impressed, Loose Button! 

Overall thoughts: Although I like the idea, I felt ripped off seeing how some people got a full size nail polish or a deluxe foundation sample and I was just given 2 make-up wipes. If I had not known what others got, I would have been pretty satisfied with what I had, ignorance is bliss, I guess. The samples are a hit or miss for me. I’m going to give Luxe Box one more chance, if I see another inconsistency in the value of products distributed, I will get REALLY angry and cancel.

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23 thoughts on “August Loose Button Luxe Box

  1. MontserGirl

    I agree with you, I was lucky and got the nail polish..but it would be disappointing to receive 2 makeup wipes =(
    I also didn’t overly like the earrings or lotion =/ but it is nice to try out random products.Have you tried Glymm yet?
    MontserGirl recently posted..My in a hurry Meal!My Profile


    1. Shivani Post author

      I haven’t tried Glymm yet, but from what I saw on youtube videos/blog posts about it, it seemed pretty decent. So did Luxe Box in the first couple of months, though. I will give it a shot soon, though! The lotion was pretty average eh? The only thing I liked about it was the smell.
      Shivani recently posted..August Loose Button Luxe BoxMy Profile


      1. Zara

        But i still wish they’d have similar concepts in India..Isi bahaane we can try out so many new things without getting full sizes of products and letting it go waste..


  2. Ray Cao (CEO of Loose Button)

    Hey Shivani, thanks so much for writing this blog post. It means a lot to us at Loose Button when we are able to hear about what our customers think (both good and bad).

    I’m sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the wipes in your last box. To be transparent with you, when we decide on what to put inside of the boxes, we don’t only look at the value of the product. In this case, we looked at the novelty and uniqueness of the wipes. Part of what we feel is valuable as a service is to offer products that our customers normally would not have thought of trying. This was a relatively new product with a material that is “newer” to the market. Certainly, we felt that the novelty of how the wipes were made would make it interesting for our customers to try.

    However, your feedback as well as your reader’s comments have given us something new to think about. And as a result, we’re always learning. I want you and your community to know that we are listening.

    I hope that we’ll make your experience with Luxe Box better and better each month. If you have any other recommendations or suggestions on how we can make the experience better, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at luxebox@loosebutton.com.

    Lastly, thank you for being a customer of Loose Button. I (as well as my team) really appreciate it.

    Ray Cao.


    1. Shivani Post author

      Hello Ray,
      I really appreciate you responding to my (& other people’s) concerns. I really feel there should be some uniformity in the overall value of the samples. Especially since now it is possible to know what people across board got. I think when I pay the same money as everyone else, I expect at least something of similar value and I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that. You can’t really compare a full size product with 2 make-up wipes in any way. And I agree, the wipes were indeed unique and I may just get the full size version of it. But it really still irks me that someone got something worth $15 and I got something that is worth $1.2. HUGE difference in value when we paid the same subscription fee and those are not comparable in any way. Either way, I think it is great you take consumers and their concerns seriously. I guess that is more important than the value of samples at the the end of the day.
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