theBalm Homecoming Queen Stainiac Lipstain ($20 Cdn) is a “sheer soft peach” stain according to theBalm. On me however, it is a subtle tangerine shade of stain. I swatched it in Rexall one random day and I left without buying it. When I went back home, I couldn’t stop thinking of it. It looked sooo beautiful against my brown skin; it is as if they belonged together.

I recently signed up for Loose Button Luxe Box, which is the Canadian version of Birchbox from US and Glossybox from the UK. Every month they mail out 4-5 deluxe samples for a charge of $12 + GST. The samples are personalized to the “beauty profile” you create when you sign up. Sounds like a deal? Yeah it totally did to me. Being a beauty blogger, I think it is important for me to experiment and what better outlet than… Read more »

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Ultra Darling ($17.50 Cdn) is a mid tone yellow pink. According to me, however, it is a muted coral pink with yellow undertones. The moment I tried it on in the MAC store (which was yesterday) I knew we would go a long way (read loooooong way).

MAC Stars & Rockets eyeshadow ($18 Cdn) is a purple with pink pearl in a veluxe pearl finish. It is one of the most beautiful yet poorly formulated eyeshadows from MAC. I personally love the duo chrome color, but the texture is a far cry from amazing. It is not the smoothest eyeshadow from the lot and comes across as rather  chalky. Despite its shortcomings, I like this eyeshadow simply because it is gorgeous. It is wonderful to use in… Read more »

MAC Lipliner in Cherry  ($16.50 Cdn) is one of my best buys. No, I am not necessarily suggesting that MAC makes the best lipliners out there. Quality wise, it is a pretty decent lip liner, so no complaints there. Applies smoothly and packs on color as it should. Definitely no budging or bleeding with this one. The texture is perfect; not too gooey, not too stiff.

In about two week’s time, it is back to school for me. A lot of readers must also be going back to school, so in honour of that, I decided to do a post on my favorite day safe, easy to wear lip glosses. Why lip glosses? Because when I look back at my undergrad days, that’s all I wore. I just had ONE lipstick, that’s all! I was obsessed with lipglosses, mainly Lancome’s Juicy Tube in Bolele, which is… Read more »

SpaRitual Infinitely Loving Organic Moisturizing Lotion ($28US for 7.7 oz) is the latest addition to SpaRitual’s Infinitely Loving line. It features 83% certified organic ingredients, including the goodness of jasmine essential oil, shea butter, sesame oil, aloe vera and organic olive oil. The lotion is conditioned to hydrate and protect the skin and is light enough to be used for massage. It can be used on hand, foot and body.

MAC Ambering Rose ($23.50 Cdn) is a muted rose color with a sheertone shimmer finish. According to me, however, it is a coral rose shade. It is just that perky orange hued rose that goes on very sheer and capable of looking very good on fair to medium skin-tones. Given the fact that it is a sheer makes it work for fair skin-tones and can be packed on for more punch on medium to medium dark skin-tones. Maybe it is… Read more »

MAC Aquadisiac Eyeshadow ($18 Cdn) is a deep sea turquoise with a lustre finish. It is one of the more flattering and wearable blues out there for me. The pigmentation is amazing and even though it is a lustre finish, there is no fall out or chalkiness. I really love doing eye looks with this one to wear with turquoise clothes. It actually comes across as a candied jewel tone shade of turquoise, which is what I love about this shade…. Read more »

Bourjois Rose Lounge Nail Lacquer ($10 Cdn) is that nail polish which Kate Middleton wore the day she became the Duchess of Cambridge. Mmm hmm. Yeah you may remember that wedding if you were alive on April 29, 2010. Yes, I am talking to you! The world went abuzz on her dress, her hair and yes, her make-up. I never did comment on her make-up, but I thought it was very nicely done and OMG she did it herself? I… Read more »

I, like most beauty bloggers, have more stuff to last me at least three last times. At least at the pace I am using it currently. As surprising as it may seem, I rarely wear make-up in my non blogging life. Let’s face it, its expensive; I have sacrificed many pairs of Louboutins for the make up I buy (I used to battle a shoe addiction, which I apparently replaced with make-up). I really want to go out there and… Read more »

    Guess the lipstick & gloss? I wear this one often, should be easy for regular readers. ANS: MAC GULABI + KORRES FUCHSIA GLOSS    

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