I’m missing one item out of this haul, namely a chamomile aromatherapy oil from The Body Shop, but the rest is for everyone to see. I also got a paddle hair brush (my second one!) and Tea Tree Oil from TBS. I stopped at Lush and picked up a soap and solid shampoo. I met with one horribly rude sales person who was like you should get this, this and that, I was like NOOO leave me alone lol. I decided on Ice Blue soap, because I needed something fresh for something after hot yoga (our little secret, I feel kinda stinky after). I also got Godiva Shampoo because I wanted my hair to smell like jasmine.ย Another stop was at MAC, I got two lipsticks, whose names I won’t share, you should guess in comments! I also got a sample of MAC face and body foundation, in case you are wondering, my match was C5. I loved how natural it looked.

My last stop was at my hair salon, I hadn’t gotten a hair cut in about 5 months. I’m trying to grow my hair out and also my bangs. This is what my hair looks like now :)

Can you actually believe I used to have a pixie cut about two and a half years ago? I can’t I finally reached a length I wanted! :)

I also found out that my salon sells ZOYA nail polish! Like the entire range. In case you are wondering, I go to Dolce Salon in Market Mall. It is expensive, but I never leave disappointed.

Cute picture of Milly. I hadn’t been posting newer shots of her, because a few months back, she got spayed and for that had to go completely hairless. I didn’t want to embarrass her by taking pictures of her when she was bald, she looked like a chihuahua. Cute, but not her gorgeous self.

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23 thoughts on “The Body Shop, Lush & MAC Haul (also new hair cut)!

  1. rashmi dev

    ohhhh my my look at you …. shivu you are looking HOT ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ I so much loveddddd the hair cut its so damn sexy honey


  2. rashmi dev

    one is Lustre and one is Amplified cream …. i guess from lustre “Sweetie ” and from AC “Brick o la” or “craving” or ???
    i think am right with sweetie but you never know you might have picked See Sheer ( if ???) …
    answer me first shivu


  3. Suzanne R

    your hair is so beautiful! I had long hair for SO long and just gave up on it because it always felt so limp and flat. Now I can't bear to have it longer than my shoulders…. though I'm occasionally tempted when I see posts like this :p


  4. Appu

    Nice hair cut! I'm going for mine in about half hour. My stylist was super busy the whole of last week n I finally got an app today :) That paddle brush is awesome right? That's the only one I use for a quick blow dry ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. Jan

    Your haircut looks fab! They did a great job on the layers..I would love to see how it wears down after you wash it out..:)


  6. Getgawjus

    love love love the hair hun! I like my hair like your're too. I keep theย lengthย and like it bouncy.ย 


  7. Witoxicity

    Oh my, your hair has grown so much! You look lovely! And hmmm, I’m trying to imagine cute little Milly bald. Fail! I’m glad she’s looking her normal self again. ๐Ÿ˜€


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