Even though others may disagree with this, I would go ahead and declare myself a minimalist. No, really, I am. I just like to collect things but never actually use them. I’m a creature of comfort. I have almost 20 pairs of jeans, but you will always just find me in my trusted Lululemon Groove Pants. I may like plenty of things, but only actually love a handful. This is also the case with make-up, I own more make-up than I need to last me at least three life-times, but only a few of them get my unconditional love.  I’m far more of a “less is more” girl when it comes to brushes. Yes, you really just need to invest in three, according to me. Want to read mini reviews on my must haves? Then keep reading!

MAC 217 is probably my favorite brush ever. It is multi purpose, can be used for shadow application and blending. I love doing crease work with this too, but mostly for blending. Works great for blending concealer too. It is hands down my number one must have brush ever!

MAC 239 is the bomb for shadow application. It packs on color like nothing else out there. I used to have such issues with shadow application before I met this one right here. Besides application it has no other purpose, but it is extremely useful for that very first step.

MAC 219 is another handy brush. It is great for smudging, placing color in the crease and works fabulously as an “eyeliner brush”. I have nothing else to say besides that it is a must, must have brush in my opinion.

MAC VS Sigma brushes: I have both MAC and Sigma brushes and for me MAC is far superior in terms of quality. No matter how hard PR driven bloggers and you tubers shove it down my throat, Sigma will always remain a knock off. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Sigma brushes are bad or anything, but after using both, I have to notice that the price is reflective of their relatively poor quality(in comparison to MAC). They are not of poor quality, that’s not what I mean, but a key difference is in the strength of the fibres, they are “wimpier” in comparison to MAC. Having said that, I do enjoy having Sigma brushes as a back-up to my MAC ones. MAC brushes are expensive and I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars getting back-up of my favorite brushes and Sigma is more affordable, no doubt.

What are your must have eye make-up brushes and please give me your thoughts on MAC vs Sigma brushes!

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30 thoughts on “My must have brushes for eye make-up.

  1. Appu

    I love my 217 too!!! Must, must have as u say. I think 217 & 239 are nice to have and others are quite dupe able as far as eye brushes go :)


  2. deliriumish

    I actually dont have any good quality brushes yet, and been wondering which ones the best since i wanna buy some good ones now, MAC or Sigma. You sound convincing, I think I got my answer:)

    My absolute must have make-up brush must be my blending brush, cant live without it:)


  3. aoyv

    If you want to invest in brushes, then go for MAC. If you just want something to get by with, Sigma is a great option. I'm glad it helped you out :) 


  4. JC

    I LOVE the #217.  And I'm a creature of comfort as well…  a hoarder (hoping to stop) of makeup but I really only stick to what I works.


  5. rashmi dev

    lovely post shivu and yeahh 239 is seriously a BOMB …. its the awesome and a must have brush on the block 😀 😀


  6. Tanveer Parmar Gupta

    I got the 217 today – it is so soft! I plan to use it tomo :) :)… getting the other two brushes you mentioned next mnth… had a budget constraint.. so bought 217 & lip prep + prime today 😀


  7. aoyv

    It is a great choice for first brush. It can be used both for application and blending and for concealer as well! :) I hope you love it too! 


  8. Neeraj Navare

    Did any1 really praise MAC 217??? Its a brush that every makeup artist in the industry worldwide has…..Its good for concealing, blending shadow in the crease, applying powders into hard to reach areas and also good for applying lipstick as a stain……..Can MAC get a better brush?


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  13. Giselle

    I’ve been using ELF brushes for the longest time because I thought “a brush is a brush”…If its for blending then, whatever, they’re all the same and they wont last long anyway. But I reconsidered since my eyeshadow always comes out like crap haha and I didn’t know MAC brushes promise to last so long. So I just bought the 219 and 217 based on your recommendation! :)


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