Essie Trophy Wife nail polish is a “perfect deep teal with a pearl” ($8 US/ 10.99 Cdn). It is actually more of a metallic teal than a pearl finish. I really like how it wore on my nails, the application was easy and the consistency of the polish is very agreeable; it applies smoothly and runs thin. Despite running thin, it is very pigmented and the color shows up within two coats, strictly. It is a very fall color, but not inappropriate for the summer by any means. I changed my polish today and wanted to do only one hand for swatching purposes, but to my surprise, I ended up wearing it on both hands. The color totally brings back the 90’s supermodel vibe to my head. All I need is shoulder pads, really! What do you think of it? And more importantly what is on your nails right now?

More pictures enclosed

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16 thoughts on “Essie Trophy Wife is my trophy nail polish

  1. Ik

    You are right about the 90s vibe!:D You also need matte brown lipstick and eyeliner! :P
    Oh and it looks really realllyy pretty on you! :)


    1. Shivani Post author

      Noo matte brown lipstick is my nemesis, so no thank you. Eyeliner I’ll take :) Thanks so much Ik!


  2. Makeup Morsels

    Very cute shade! I have yet to try an Essie polish, but this one is super pretty. I don’t have anything on my nails right now, which is completely out of character for me LOL


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