Into The Wild is newest member of the signature collection of Bath & Body Works and has been out for a few months now. Into The Wild is a described as a “sensuous escape in to the jungle”. The scent is a blend of mandarin, lush petals and wild woods. It is definitely a bold scent and I cannot emphasize that enough. Definitely not for the shy by any means but at the same time very pleasant and sensuous. It is what Bath & Body Works describes as a “sexy scent” and that is why the scent is very noticeable. It is perfect for the summer months especially, because the scent lingers on for longer and always makes you feel fresh.


Juicy Mandarin, Red Apple, Pear Blossom, Pimento Berry, Pink Currant Buds, Fresh Aldehydes


Magnolia Petals, Night Blooming Jasmine, Wild Honeysuckle


Gold Patchouli Leaves, White Moss, Tonka Crystals, Okoume Wood, Warm Musk

What did I think of this collection?

The scent is strong, but extremely pleasant. The top note is extremely strong, but because of the cooling dry notes of woods, it ends up as a relaxing scent. Definitely not for the timid, this fragrance will make your presence be felt. I highly recommend trying before buying, especially with the Eau De Toilette, the triple action creme and the smoothing body scrub are milder in comparison.


The Eau De Toilette ($29.50) is definitely not for the shy. This is something that will definitely make your presence be known. I enjoy having this perfume, but it is strictly personal taste. This scent is a sensuous mix of woods, fruit and floral. It is strong, but that’s what I like about it. You see, after hot yoga in summers, you NEED a strong scent to counter any unpleasant natural scents (lol). With this in my bag, I definitely feel confident and fresh. And since this is not some fancy schmancy designer fragrance (although smells just as good), it makes an excellent back up in the car or your bag.


The Triple Action Body Creme ($12) is an excellent way to wear this scent subtly and it moisturizes to boot. I love the fact that this creme  is hydrating, feels like a smooth on  the skin but does not feel sticky at all. The staying power of both, the hydration and scent is great and it totally does live up to its “24 hour moisture” claim. The scent survives an hour and a half of hot yoga easily. I would definitely recommend this product. The squeezy tube makes it a perfect accessory in the bag.

The Smoothing Body Scrub ($12) is my favorite so far and has become a fixture of my shower routine. The granules gently exfoliate and the scent in this product is the most agreeable. It is almost as if you are in a spa far away in the woods, no really! Of course there are many exfoliators in the market, but the scent in this one makes it soo special. I’m even taking a break from my trusted LUSH Buffy, so I can use this one.

There is also a Shower Gel ($10.50), Fragrance Mist ($12) and Body Lotion (10.50) in the collection.
Overall, I find this collection to be great. The products are reasonably priced and the quality is great. I would encourage you to go to Bath & Body Works to take a whiff, because you may just fall in love.



Disclosure: Products sent by PR for consideration only.
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8 thoughts on “Review | Bath & Body Works Into The Wild Collection

    1. Shivani Post author

      It is strong, but really lovely. Only the perfume was too strong, the other two smelled just right.


  1. rashmi

    I so miss Bath and Body Works 😀 😀 they have awesome range to offer and i love their P.S. I love you and Jap. Cherry Blossom 😀 my all time fav .

    i never tried their scrub though and your review made me all the more curious honey 😀


    1. Shivani Post author

      It just makes you smell very good. The granules are not harsh and don’t cling to your skin. It is nice and the quantity is generous.


  2. Cynthia Z

    These look so exotic! ure wanna try some B & B Works.

    Btw, was not getting yr new posts in my dashboard. Might have to unfollow & refollow again



    1. Shivani Post author

      Thanks for doing that CZ, I think its because I moved GFC from blogger to wp. :( It happened to me when I got a new domain name too back in the day.


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