Whenever I look at this product, I can’t help but hear a certain Britney Spears song in my head called “womanizer, womanizer”. Anyhow, here is me with my latest musing from one of my favorite brands in the whole world (can we sense a little bias here?), theBalm, Mary-Lou Manizer ($30 Cdn/ $24 US) for 8.5 grams.


Mary-Lou Manizer is described as a sheer luminous golden ivory. It is mainly a high-lighter, but also makes an extremely good eyeshadow and shimmer. What impresses me the most is that it is extremely finely milled and has a fabulous texture, not chalky at all. I find 95% of products are chalky at some level, but theBalm products, never. They are always so buttery, smooth and feel like silk and this babe is no exception whatsoever. I most like using it as a high-lighter, I have used it on my cheek bones and even on my nose to high-light. Despite it being a powder, it blends seamlessly and gives an incredibly natural glow. As an eyeshadow too, it is extremely noteworthy; can be used as a high-light or an all over wash. Plenty of product in there, so you won’t run after months and a few years of use. And how cute is the packaging? Tres adorable.Β When I first saw it, it quite simply reminded me of MAC Gana blush from the Mickey Contractor collection, so if you missed that blush and still have a lemming, Mary-Lou Manizer is a fabulous dupe. I find it to be a great product, not a must have in every stash by any means, but it does what it is supposed to do extremely well. Now, I realize not everyone needs a high-lighter in their stash, but if you do, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer is a top contender.


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12 thoughts on “theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

  1. Anamikasureka

    looks so so pretty..i am looking for a powder highlighter as Nars liquid one is too dark for my skin.will have to wait for strawberry.net offer on this ..nice pics girl.


  2. SilhouetteScreams

    This looks gorgeous, horrible timing on my part though because I just got a NARS trio with Albatross in the mail today! D: Also, I'm now going to have Womanizer stuck in my head all night πŸ˜›Β 


  3. Appu

    I love high-lighters with a gold sheen.I haven't been buying so much of makeup over the past month since I'm moving…it's a pain to pack! I already found a store that carries theBalm so, I hope to try a lot of stuff :) so excited!Β 


  4. rashmi

    lovely pics shivu πŸ˜€ and its the pretties highlighters i have seen in recent times πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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