theBalm Downboy blush ($26 Cdn/ $21 US) is described as a soft pink flush and very rightly so. It is a gorgeous, buttery yellowish pink that works fabulously as a blush or eyeshadow. Often, lighter pinks are hard for darker skin-tones to carry off, but this is one of those which works very easily. I credit that to its fabulous pigmentation. Never chalky, always smooth, almost butter-like. Whether or not you like this shade, that is the question. I personally feel it is a good substitute for those who always wanted to get MAC Pinkswoon but always hesitated because it is hard to pull off for whatever reasons. Value, again, like almost all theBalm products, is amazing, this thing will last you forever. Packaging is cheeky, like the rest of theBalm’s blushes. I have to say, these blushes have me at hello, love the packaging, be it for the vintage, sexy images or its sleekness and practicality. I definitely want to get my hands on Cabana-boy and Frat-boy. In short, if you are in the market for a wearable soft pink blush, do take a look at this baby right here, you won’t be disappointed.
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15 thoughts on “theBalm Downboy Blush

  1. JC

    That is GORGEOUS!  I've heard some complaints about the packaging before but IMHO it doesn't look so bad.  I love the swatch and formula.


  2. aoyv

    Really complaints about the packaging? I absolutely adore it because its sleek, doesnt take much space, has a mirror and has super cute pictures on top 😛 You should totally get it since you love blushes so much. 


  3. Appu

    Gorgeous! I'm not sure how this will look on me though. I'm getting my hands on Hot Mama for sure when i get to a Sephora that has theBalm 😀


  4. rashmi

    thats lovely Shivu 😀 am just holding myself but will def. buy this once my pocket is full 😀 😀


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