Sephora Collection Colorful Palette in Not That Shy  ($31 Cdn/ $24 US) consists of four neutral eyeshadows and one eyeliner. It consists of a a pearly white gold shade, a taupe grey, an warm pink-mauve, a smokey, glittery grey eyeshadows and a charcoal black-purple eyeliner.
The pigmentation of the eyeshadows was excellent once  the imprint is broken, with one exception being the pearly white gold eyeshadow, which needs to be layered to show up as well as the darker shadows. These eyeshadows blend seamlessly with one another and the coloring is quite complimentary and works well as a day to night palette. You can create a simple day look using the white gold or the pink shadow or add the taupe and glittery charcoal for a bit of jazz.  The palette is rather on the neutral side, wearable by both cool and warm skin-tones and is comparable to the Urban Decay Naked Palette. In fact, my initial reaction was OMG mini Urban Decay Naked palette, but UD Naked palette has quite an extensive selection of eyeshadows and this only five. Comparisons aside, I do have a complaint with these eyeshadows, as they must be paired with a primer or else the looks fall apart within an hour or so. When paired with a primer, these eyeshadows can even survive a shower (true story!). The pricing is decent for the quantity and this is one palette I would hit the pan on. Another thing I like about this palette is the sleek packaging, it does not take a lot of space and is very easy to travel with. In fact, I am not at home right now and it is a fantastic palette to travel with.
Overall thoughts: I definitely dig this palette. The quality of the eyeshadows is fantastic (if you have primer underneath), the packaging compact and price is quite decent. I definitely want to check out the other palettes (there are 14 others) at Sephora. If you are in the market for new eyeshadows, do stop by at Sephora and take a look.
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10 thoughts on “Sephora Not That Shy Palette Review

  1. Appu

    Looks super nice :) I like all the colors and they seem so pigmented too! I'll check it out  at the store next time.


  2. aoyv

    I feel that they are so underrated. They just get lost among the sea of other great (and hyped) brands. I was so pleasantly surprised to see such great quality. 


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