I remember that Saturday morning like it was yesterday. I was wearing all black, I had a few minutes before work and I thought why not indulge in some quick shopping? I picked up a tinted lip balm in Full Fuchsia and this one right here. Before MAC, my tryst with higher end cosmetics was limited to Lancome, Clinique, Chanel and Dior. I was always inquisitive about the enigma that was MAC and why my girlfriends were so obsessed (now that I look back, I won’t call their obsession, an obsession {if you know what I mean}).

Anyways, coming back to this one, it is my second purchase of this particular shade, so it must mean something, right? It is a satin finish and is described as a bright green with golden pearl. The description itself is a winner in my books. It is the perfect way to wear brights; never over the top and just the right amount of pop. Although, I have to say I first got this shade when I was 19, but my love for poppy, bright eyes hasn’t died one bit. It looks great with gel liners, if you want those gorgeous Egyptian inspired eyes. This particular shade fetches so many compliments for my brown eyes.

Overall thoughts: If you want to foray into those bright eyeshadows but feel overwhelmed, I would say go for this particular shade. It is easy to carry off and simply makes your eyes pop without much drama.

PS: What was your first MAC purchase? 
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19 thoughts on “My first ever MAC purchase: MAC Juxt eyeshadow.

  1. J Goreham-Penney

    My first MAC purchase was Studio Fix Plus powder foundation :)  I like it a lot but I can't seem to get the same lovely results as the sales gal did when she helped me colour match, though!   I'd like to go back for a lipglass or lipstick, maybe the Fix+, I have WAY too much eye shadow and can't control my eyeshadow buying ways, try not to look too close at the shadows when I walk past…


  2. Fieran

    Studio Fix Powder :) Btw, Juxt + Lucky Green + Deep Truth + Prussian (in crease) is what I use to create the poor man's version of NARS Rated R…


  3. Getgawjus

    My first ever MAC purchase was a MAC'S Mineralize Satinfinish foundation. I remember how the MA matched me to a NC42(5 shades darker then my skintone!) and how I looked like a shiny disco ball wearing it lol. Hated the foundation, love the brand. 


  4. aoyv

    LOL my first match was NC 44 and I am NC 35 in winters & NC 37-40 in summers. They always do that. When she matched the bottle next to my face, i was like, really??? I looked like Snookie, neck up, of course. 


  5. rashmi

    awesome post Shivu and have seen it on you and looks so adorable but still want to see some more looks with this 😀 😀


  6. SilhouetteScreams

    I've always been interested in this shade, I like how it's green but not in your face – I have a tonne of greens and all of them are in your face XD my first purchase was Ruby Woo lipstick, which I happen to love despite it being the dryest lipstick in the world!


  7. Glitterglamourgrace

    MIne was Studio Fix Powder and Sunbasque blush….

    Love this shade Shiv…I am yet to start buying MAC es…Now I am having quite a few in my must have list already 


  8. Fieran

    Hahaha, yes :) I really want Rated R but I don't think I can wear it often as it's a bit of a daring look, so I resorted to using existing stuff. That way I don't feel guilty for buying a duo that can't be used often.


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