MAC Sunbasque blush (sheertone shimmer) had long been on the list of things I had wanted to try. Actually, it is because of a blogger friend by the name of Poornima (Glitter Glamour Grace ) that I really wanted this blush. Last weekend I went to a CCS in Seattle, I only got a handful of things, but they had a lot of good stuff, especially from the permanent line. This was one of my picks from there because I had wanted this for a really long time now and who doesn’t like a deal?Anyways, coming back to the blush, it is a peach blush with gold shimmer. I think it is one of those colors which are flattering on a wide range of skin-tones, however this will be best suited for warmer toned skins. It is also one of those blushes who could be a not so distant cousin of a bronzer, but still very much a blush. I think it is the perfect blush for summer because nothing flatters a tan like this one right here. Because there is glitter, I wouldn’t classify it as work-safe, but hey, whatever floats your boat. It wouldn’t be totally inappropriate for work, but it is more going out for dinners, shopping, hanging out with friends kind of blush. Now we all know we need one like that 😉 It also makes a great partner in crime for a killer bronze smokey eye. Now please don’t tell me you need more reasons to go out and take a good look at this beauty.


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20 thoughts on “MAC Sunbasque Blush = ♥ ♥ ♥

  1. 25fLONDON

    I've always meant to check Sunbasque out, it's probably been on my list for over a year! I'm guessing by now that I already have a dupe. It looks beautiful against your skin tone!


  2. rashmi

    your pic your pic your pic ????
    hey shivu i love this new layout and pls tell me your cam ?? … the pics are looking so different here…
    again pls post FOTD with the Blush


  3. aoyv

    ahhhh lol i will post a FOTD soon. I took pictures and had earlier done a FOTD, but the pics were not flattering at all, so no one commented and I deleted the post :( But I'll go home and do a different FOTD in more suitable lighting…right now I dont like the lighting here in my dad's appartment, its soo yellow. 
    Yes, yes it is a different camera…it is a point and shoot kind from Sony DSC TX5, it is my dad's :P. I really hope to get my hands on a DSLR soon…ahh I miss you rash…we must talk one day on g-chat. xo 


  4. Fieran

    You are such a tempter, Madam :) Here I was sitting innocently, folding laundry and browsing through blogs and now you've got me itching to go to MAC. Bad girl! But you're still an awesome blogger with great taste.


  5. aoyv

    Thanks so much dear…but don't you get it, that's the whole point of this blog..make you want to run to the store and get that 😉 


  6. Larie

    Ah, thanks!  I do remember hearing that there were outlets in Tulalip, but I never really pursued the idea, haha.  They have a Burberry outlet!  *swoons*


  7. aoyv

    Unfortunately, that was the least impressive outlet there :/ But you never know, you may just find something awesome. Coach was like a fish market, but I scored a coin purse and wallet from there for a decent price. Lacoste had some really good stuff. I found some shirts at Juicy. There is another outlet mall a little further away and they have lululemon outlet there. Overall, it was a lot of fun to shop there. 


  8. Gauri

    I'm already wearing a dark peach blush from Avon. It's pretty great & if anyone is wondering, it's True Color Blush in Molta Mocha!


  9. aoyv

    Thank CZ! I think I'll just steal my dad's camera again 😛 Yup its too dark for you, in fact it was kind of dark for me too. You should try Margin, it will look fab on you and its similar. 


  10. Poornima

    awww…shiv…you got this inspired by my post…im so happy…

    Isn’t she a beauty?? Suits almost all skin tones and so perfect for day wear as well as evenings


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