I am not a big fan of plumping glosses. I don’t enjoy the tinging, the pain and false promises of visibly fuller, Angelina Jolie resembling pout. I just don’t care for fuller lips. I do, however, enjoy a good, natural peach colored gloss. It was my favorite kind in college. MAC Big Baby Plushglass was one of my first purchases from MAC. I was slowly being engulfed by this beautiful, expensive addiction. This particular gloss was a favorite of one of my BFF’s. I saw her wearing it and decided that I needed to have it.
How Plushglass differ from Lipglass? Well lipgloss is a plain and simple lipgloss and a plushglass plumps with a dash of sheer color. I really like this gloss to complete a nude lip. It is best paired with MAC Yash, MAC Cherish and MAC Hug Me. You can, also wear it alone for a low-key look. It does run a little on the expensive side (22.50 Cdn) compared to a normal MAC Lipglass, but I credit that to the “plumping” feature. Personally, I feel that the plumping is very minimal, as it should be from a lipgloss. You don’t want to look like you just came from a doctor’s office with some collagen as a parting gift. As for the stickyness, it is sticky but lasts a good 3-4 hours. I am not likely to purchase it again, but it does make for a nice nude lipgloss.
PS: Sorry for being so lazy with the blog, regular posts shall resume (I hope!)
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4 thoughts on “MAC Big Baby Plushglass

  1. Gauri

    It 'd be great if you could include before & after pictures of the plushglass, because I don't know how much it plumps the lips! Just an idea :)


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