Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer ($42 US) is a cult favorite product among beauty junkies. Even if you are not someone who is “in the know,” you would know or have had heard of this product. Long before when I was 17, I was battling a shoe addiction and only had a total of 8 cosmetic products, I knew of the LMTM (get it? abbreviated rapper name, ha!). So what is soo special about this thing? I had a little musing with this babe to just find that out and I’m letting out all its secrets.
The good news: I absolutely loved the texture and feel of this thing. So smooth, so silky; very dreamy. It is moisturizing and does the job like any good amazing moisturizer would. The coverage is extremely light, it is there, but is extremely light-weight. It will not cover any light blemishes or scars, you will need a concealer. I am currently not loving the little spot on my chin, so I need heavier coverage, but otherwise it is the perfect every day coverage for me.
The not-so-good news: the value scores a D- in my books. Ok, I get it, Laura Mercier is a high end brand, I have no problem raking out the moolah in exchange for a balance of quality and quantity. While the quality is great, the quantity just isn’t there. This thing is finished within a month of regular use. To add insult to the injury, the packaging causes leaks.
Overall thoughts: I just wish there was more product. $42 US is much too much (and even much more for Canadians) to spend monthly on a tinted moisturizer. I’d rather just mix in foundation with moisturizer. Sorry LMTM, it didn’t work out between us, you are still fabulous though.
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18 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

  1. Kelli Naziri

    This product made me break out soo bad and I'm not sensitive to ANYTHING… I was so disappointed in this too. oh well…still on the hunt for a perfect TM. 😉 


  2. aoyv

    Oh that's really too bad. I hope you returned it. Bobbi brown has a new one out which is supposed to be really good…I also love Stila's TM. 


  3. Larie

    I've never tried this one, since it has parabens and I have an allergy, but one of my friends said it made her break out, too (even the oil-free version?). I'm shocked that it's gone in a month, though – that's some serious money!  I've been using Dior's TM, which I love 😀


  4. Tracy@ Beauty Reflections

    Yeah, I agree. I don't buy it anymore. I use my Kiehl's TM which I love, and I've recently discovered that my Estee Lauder Double Wear which I hate(too cakey for my dry skin) makes an excellent TM when mixed with moisturizer. It lasts all day!


  5. aoyv

    Oh i absolutely adore Dior's foundations, so I am sure their TM is also fantastic. Must check it out, thanks :) I hope it lasts longer than this one. 


  6. aoyv

    I have heard lots about Kiehls' TM, but I don't think they have my shade. With most good quality tinted moisturizers being so expensive, I find its better to just mix foundation with moisturizer. And thanks for sharing the EL Double wear thing, I'll pull out my heaviest coverage foundation and try. 


  7. Appu

    I agree, this is pricey as hell! I have the smaller size which is about $20 after which, I'm gonna try Clinique or Kiehl's. The only problem with Kiehl's is that they have discontinued the darkest shade so I may have to try Medium :(


  8. Witoxicity

    I loved reading this review. Very entertaining. 😀  I've never tried this myself.  It's expensive all right but it hasn't been receiving praise for no reason. :)


  9. Cynthia Z

    Great review S. That sticker on the packaging does look bad! I didn't like this enough to buy it either. It always looks too sheer and my skin needs a lot of coverage.



  10. ann

    WOW! The TM lasted me 6 months! Maybe I use too little… But for me, the packaging didn't cause leaks and is just perfect.


  11. Jane

    I am kinda shocked to see that this lasted you only a month. I may have to wait and watch.I only recently got mine. But with the tiny amount I use , I think I’ll get a lot more value. But this stuff is like none other. Absolutely rocks.


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