A little about the “face” products. I had long ignored MAC Gingerly, I only wore it on one day and forgot about it completely. It is such a beautiful color, a mixture of pink, peach and brown. I feel we need to review it again. And I am sorry, this Inglot foundation makes me look 10 shades lighter. I don’t know what happened, I used it after a year and it was soo light. Can foundations change color on their own??
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23 thoughts on “First day of summer with Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity bronze: FOTD

  1. TracyBeautyReflections

    I love it! You look gorgeous girl! A golden goddess!! I love that Tarina Tarantino so much right now. And now I think I must see if I have Gingerly… :)


  2. Fieran

    Looking really good. The eyeshadow application looks very fine and neat. Your skin is gorgeous as ever.. I am going to spend a few minutes being a bit jealous, OK? :) Gingerly was one of my first few blushes, it's quite subtle on my skintone so I use it for dramatic eye looks. Looks nicer on you than me though.


  3. aoyv

    Really, Fieran my skin is not all that great. I wish it was as great as you make it sound to be :) I love gingerly now, even though I ignored it for so long. And thanks so much for all the sweet compliments.


  4. Cynthia Z

    Ooh la la! U look gorgeous girl! Gingerly looks AWESOME on u
    *Oops I don't know what to post as now that everything saved has been deleted from my comp.♥xx♥


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