….among many others. Anything you like to see first? 

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21 thoughts on “What’s to come

  1. aoyv

    There is also Bahama Mama and Down Boy…everything is soo awesome, I love theBalm. And sometimes stores here have buy so much worth of theBalm's products and get a product free, I got Bahama Mama free :) It was awesome. Nothing has disappointed me so far. 


  2. aoyv

    I have had those two for a while, both are lovely. But somehow I can't justify LM's ridiculous high price for the tinted moisturizer. 


  3. JC

    yeah, i've never used any of LM's products just because of the price.  how do you feel udpp even compares with sin and the regular formula?


  4. aoyv

    to be honest, I prefer the original one (ironically, I have the sample size of that and full sizes of sin and eden). But it is just my preference. Eden holds the eyeshadow in place just as well as the original one, is thicker in consistency. Sin creases, but it is gorgeous when worn as an e/s. 


  5. Fieran

    I do have LM's tinted moisturizer, the oil free version, but I don't use it often. I am more in love with her oil free foundation primer, though it is not exactly cheap, a tube lasts me for more than 3 months and it definitely keeps my foundation on the whole day. So I guess her prices are a little bit more justified.


  6. Cynthia Z

    Amazinnngg stuff! Wanna see the rest lol.  I don't know if I should get the LM TM for myself :S 



  7. Appu

    Mary-Lou Manizer!!!! Anything from theBalm in fact 😀 I have a small size of the LM TM…not sure if I'll get the bigger one because of the price. That said, I wanna try the new Clinique Mositure Surge TM. Sounds very reasonable :)


  8. aoyv

    ugh i love theBalm, it is a FANTASTIC range. Highly underrated and great quality and value. I am falling in love with it. I haven't been so impressed with a range like this since MAC, so that speaks a lot. These products just work. I could go on and on. I'm not a big fan of Clinique, so I haven't looked in to their new tinted moisturizers. The only thing I absolutely love from Clinique is mascara. I love the tinted moisturizer from LM, but I feel it is kind of a rip-off. I paid like 50 cdn for it and its about to finish after almost 10 uses. 


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