Here, I have two shades of Inglot eyeshadows. It is somehow impossible to know which ones I have unless you note down the numbers when you get them. To the best of my knowledge, the left one is Inglot AMC Shine Eyeshadow in 15 and right one is Inglot Eyeshadow in 464. Inglot eyeshadows are simply my favorite. Yes, I do love my MAC eyeshadows and also those Urban Decay ones, but Inglot’s eyeshadows are far superior, both in terms of quality and value. I can’t actually get the price on these in Canadian dollar since I got these in India, but there is an American website with prices of their products in US Dollars. ( The pigmentation is amazingly dreamy, yes, dreamy because there is no other better word to describe it besides it. They blend seamlessly and a pleasure to work it, really. The orange shade I got, which is AMC Shine Eyeshadow in 15 is simply gorgeous and works amazingly as a blush too. Now is there something I do not like about Inglot? Yes, there is. The names are too creative (please read the sarcasm in here). Dare to dream, Inglot! There are no names, but numbers attached to shades, which screams bad marketing to me. They can keep the numbers, but will it hurt to have a name attached so one can remember what shade exactly they got? Besides that, Inglot is one fabulous brand which delivers quality product with value pricing. Sounds like a total winner. I can’t wait to grow my eyeshadow collection with Inglot and of course other things, as well.
As of now, only Australians and Americans can shop online through Inglot’s e-store. What about us Canadians? Canadians can
  • Add Inglot Canada as a facebook friend (here) and send them a message of what you want to order.
  • Call their head office at (514) 341-9333 and place your order.
  • Email them at and place your order.

I haven’t exactly ordered through them yet, but one day I will. If you are in Quebec, you are in luck, because you can just pop into one of the five stores. I really hope to see a store soon in Alberta (Inglot, are you listening?)!

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14 thoughts on “INGLOT Eyeshadows (& how to get access to this fabulous brand, if you are Canadian)

  1. aoyv

    That's really too bad. I guess they'll be worth a trip to India…but I am sure some other European countries (UK, I think) have Inglot. 


  2. callitbeauty

    i really wish inglot would open a canadian e-store, it would make my life so much simpler! also, canadians can call their head office and place orders through them. at least that's what i was told when i called. i can't wait to get my hands on a few of their eyeshadows! :)


  3. aoyv

    yeah, you can call them or email them as well. Its a shame because we can't order through the American website. Their eyeshadows are simply THE BEST. 


  4. frecklesspeckles

    bloghopped through callitbeauty :) I really wanna get my hands on inglot's shadows… but like you said, their numbering system is such a pain! i don't even know how to begin choosing shades… i hope they open up a store here in toronto too :)


  5. aoyv

    Hey, welcome :) Yes girl, their eyeshadows are amazing, you will be surprised! And since the range is huge, it is so overwhelming to order it online just looking at a picture. Yes, more stores across Canada, please Inglot. I asked them, but they have no immediate plans to expand…which, for the lack of better words, simply sucks. 


  6. JC

    ohhh i really love inglot.  i recently made a purchase as well but want more lol.  i love the shadows you chose; i wish i had chosen more neutrals.


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