Benefit Girl Meets Pearl ($30 US/ $34 Cdn) is a “soft, golden pink, liquid highlighter”. Damn right, it is a highlighter, people, not the rumoured face primer. Hear it here, it is not a primer, but a highlighter and a good one at that. An extremely good one. I have fallen head over heels. I should stop before this turns into another love letter. Well, I had been looking for a high lighter to cater to my olive skin-tone needs. Obviously MAC Strobe Liquid failed somewhat miserably to provide a suitable glow to my dusky skin. This one, it just agreed with my dusky skin and complimented it so nicely. It is everything what I wanted MAC Strobe to be, but alas, it wasn’t. Why didn’t you come into my life sooner, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl? Why didn’t this girl meet this pearl of a highlighter before? Everything has a time and place attached to it, they say, I guess it does have some truth to it.
It is expensive, but totally worth it. This thing will last you a long, long time. I don’t use it every day, but it is only a special occasion thing for me. It is “golden pink” not just pink or gold, so it will flatter a wide range of skin-tones. It will also most definitely suit you if you are fair and I am talking NC 15 fair, or if you are NC 40 like yours truly. It is to be worn over the foundation, or base, in case you were wondering. It is definitely a high-lighter and gives your skin a gorgeous, luminous glow. Want some proof?
Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. Pearly. Glow. I heart it, I absolutely do. Do look into it if you get a chance.

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15 thoughts on “Review | Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

  1. Glitterglamourgrace

     Sounds good…Im dying t try benefit stuff..the creaseless shadows etc etc..
    If u dont mind, plz do a highlighter application tute…plz…


  2. aoyv

    Its going to look so fab on you, I just know! I'll definitely try to do a high lighter application tutorial – thanks for the idea P :) 


  3. Appu

    I love high lighters with a gold sheen. I like High Beam too but I think this will look a bit more flattering on me 😀 Thanks for the review!


  4. callitbeauty

     how lovely! an SA applied this to the back of my hand once and i just loved it. i should definitely pick one up soon.


  5. Dr Shilpamalhotra

     wow………..i m glad i didnt buy strobe liquid……….i guess this will definitely suit me……but benefit is not here in delhi………….;-((


  6. rashmi

    wowowoowowow shivuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i want this i want this i want this …
    i rem i asked you when you ordered this 😀 goddd its so freaking awesome honey 


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