Benefit Bella Bamba ($36 Cdn/ $28 US) is the newest member of the Benefit boxed powders family and turned out to be an instant hit with me. It is a gorgeous watermelon pink that is oh so flattering on tan skin-tones, in fact it will flatter most skin-tones. If you read this blog, you will know that I am a big fan of Benefit’s blushes, but I have to say that Bella Bamba is my favorite out of all the Benefit blushes I own. Yes, I would even rate it above my beloved every day blush Dallas.  The pigmentation is also just right; neither too sheer nor “holy batman pigment”. The blush blends well with the skin and gives a natural, subtle pink glow. It is the kind of blush you don’t have to try hard to make it work for you, it just does.

Oh Benefit, why did you change the packaging? I adored the boxy lids that adorned all the senior Benefit blushes. Although the mirror is a nice addition, but I am sorry to say my dear Benefit blush, it doesn’t work for you. I wish you would go back to your old look. Or may be its just me, you know how someone gets a new hair-cut and its cute, but you wish they didn’t cut their hair? I guess I just need to get over it. And by the way Benefit, they did down-size from 0.36 ounces to 0.28. What’s up with that? Not that I’ll ever use up 0.28 ounces of blush ever in my life, but it just makes me wonder why. Yes, I do wake up in the middle of night and ask this question to myself. (Geeky life of a blush nerd!)

Overall thoughts? It is definitely the best pink blush I have come across in the recent times, especially for tan skin tones. If you are any where between NC 25 – NC 42, I can see you rocking it, doing whatever it is you do :) I think it is especially a great blush for tan skin because pinks are often hard to wear, either they look chalky, forced or clownish. It is definitely a gorgeous, effortless pink and worth a look into. It is my go to blush for this summer.

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23 thoughts on “Review | Benefit Bella Bamba = ♥ ♥ ♥

  1. Glitterglamourgrace

    Shivanii…….y…thats such an adorable shade…me wants :-))

    guess at this rate i will never reach makeup saturation…..sigh


  2. Fieran

    I love Bella Bamba too.. I call it my *sleepy day* blush as I use it when I'm too sleepy to think about which blush to use. Your 'Or may be its just me, you know how someone gets a new hair-cut and its cute, but you wish they didn't cut their hair?' really cracked me up :)


  3. frecklesspeckles

    i have to dig up bella bamba again … mine got shattered during transit so i suppose that's why i'm picking more product than usual… i love the smell of benefit blushes :)


    1. Shivani

      Hey Pritzie! Dollymix is darker than this in terms of color. I would go for Bella Bamba if you are on the pale side and Dollymix if you are darker. I like Bella Bamba better, but Dollymix is really pretty too.


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