Benefit Bella Bamba ($36 Cdn/ $28 US) is the newest member of the Benefit boxed powders family and turned out to be an instant hit with me. It is a gorgeous watermelon pink that is oh so flattering on tan skin-tones, in fact it will flatter most skin-tones. If you read this blog, you will know that I am a big fan of Benefit’s blushes, but I have to say that Bella Bamba is my favorite out of all the Benefit… Read more »

CATCH THE BUZZ WITH HONEY BRONZE RANGE The Body Shop launches its new moisturising Honey Bronze make-up range, so you can shimmer and glow with a bronzed and beautiful look. Discover new Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil, Brilliance Powder, Bronzing Gel For Face, Lip Nectar and Bronzing Powder. Ideal whether you want a subtle hint of bronze, or you prefer deeper tones. This range simply wouldn’t be possible without the incredible work of the honey bee, providing honey and beeswax… Read more »

So, I finally got sick of the drying, oil stripping, so called “moisturizing” drug-store body washes that my mom insists are fabulous (no mom, they are not). I was in the market for a fabulous new bath product and what better than Lush? I wanted something non-drying and uber girly, I looked around the catalogue and picked the pinkest of them all; Rockstar! Retails for $7.95 (Cdn) for every 100 grams. In Lush’s own words, it is “The creamy vanilla… Read more »

Here, I have two shades of Inglot eyeshadows. It is somehow impossible to know which ones I have unless you note down the numbers when you get them. To the best of my knowledge, the left one is Inglot AMC Shine Eyeshadow in 15 and right one is Inglot Eyeshadow in 464. Inglot eyeshadows are simply my favorite. Yes, I do love my MAC eyeshadows and also those Urban Decay ones, but Inglot’s eyeshadows are far superior, both in terms… Read more »

If you read this blog, you know I am making a shift from a gloss girl to a lipstick girl. Certain ones however, keep calling me back; namely NARS. I think NARS are my holy grail lipglosses and for a good reason, they are non sticky, long lasting, moisturizing and the range carries some really gorgeous, wearable shades. Sounds good? Here, I have NARS Chihuahua Lipgloss, which is described as “guava” but on me, turns out to be a milky,… Read more »

Jellyminx presents a bronzer lovers paradise with her ultimate Bronzer Overview. Missed out on the New York City Makeup Show? Have no fear, for Krasey Beauty has the scoop! Over at The Pink Sith blog, Joeybunny brings you swatches of the new Dior Rosy Tan Eyeshadow Quint and makes a shocking confession! Have you tried lining your eyes with traditional kohl/kajal? Kajal Couture did and she shows you how. Can the cute and new Sephora Hello Kitty-Memoirs Of A Kitty… Read more »

Vasanti Magic Liner ( $20 for 0.13 oz) is a clear gel like liner that is supposed to turn any eyeshadow into a liquid/gel liner. The idea is quite novel, in fact, you wont see many popular brands with this particular product. The only one I can think of is, INGLOT’s Duraline, but that is another story all together. In Vasanti’s own words, it is “Abracadabra! This magic potion turns any powder eyeshadow into a long lasting liquid liner. Dip… Read more »

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl ($30 US/ $34 Cdn) is a “soft, golden pink, liquid highlighter”. Damn right, it is a highlighter, people, not the rumoured face primer. Hear it here, it is not a primer, but a highlighter and a good one at that. An extremely good one. I have fallen head over heels. I should stop before this turns into another love letter. Well, I had been looking for a high lighter to cater to my olive skin-tone needs…. Read more »

I was just looking back at old pictures from before when I was a blogger. I just realized I didn’t have a lot of make-up back then. I do remember everything I wore. I am wearing MAC Juxt eyeshadow, Dior crayon eyeliner, MAC Peachykeen blush and Lancome Bolele Juicy Tube.

Hooray, blogger is back. I’m still missing a few posts, but what can we do? Should I move already, I mean should I move already? Hmm. I’ll ponder over it in another time and space. I love the weather these days, we finally get to see the Sun. Yes, it is a rare sight for us Canadians. It snowed till late April, I swear! On my face: Dior Powder Foundation (the name is too damn long) theBalm Time Balm Concealer…. Read more »

After the mishap last year, Ms Rai Bachchan sure did rebound and how! Major upgrade and me likes. Lots. She wore Elie Saab. Original picture source is missing, if you are the original owner, please let me know and I will credit you. 

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