So, yes, Sephora had their 15% off VIB sale again. I didn’t really buy much except for skin-care necessities, and well, blush.

I only got one blush from Sephora – Benefit Bella Bamba. I had wanted this for a long time now!

A friend inspired me to look into theBalm. I initially made a trip to pick something for her, but later went to fetch a few things for myself. Lucky for me they had a promotion. I bought like a concealer and a blush, and got another blush for free :)

I also got some candy!

That’s all for now :) I had an awesome weekend! How was yours?

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15 thoughts on “What I got from the Sephora sale and other purchases!

  1. Appu

    Ooh, nice haul :) I WANT Hot Mama! My Sephora does not carry this brand in-store :( I love the way everything from The Balm is packaged. I got the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes from this sale :)


  2. Fieran

    Yay you picked up Bella Bamba too! I read a rave review by Rashmi about it and was really contemplating it. Then on my way back from vacation, I had like 3 minutes at duty free so I rushed and picked it up, quickly paid for it and ran to the boarding gate. I don't regret it at all. It's a really nice, universally flattering blush. Coralista on the other hand, looks like pure shimmer on me. I might have to layer it with something else.


  3. rashmi

    wow you picked hot mama .. i so much want it , now pls post your pics ASAP 😀 😀 would love to see the wonderful color on your face 😀 😀


  4. rashmi

    and hey from which store you picked thebalm stuff ?? i mean a blush free is awesome deal isnt it ?? 😀 😀


  5. aoyv

    I havent had the time to swatch it, but I wanted it since it got out :) Coralista is sheer and sparkly on me too, but works as a blush as well so I cant complain :)


  6. aoyv

    I think you will love it Rashmi. I'll definitely try to review it soon like by tomorrow? Cuz appu also wants to see what I think of it :)


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