Ok, this has been one of the more in demand reviews. I have been wanting to try theBalm for the longest of times, and let me tell you, the brand has not disappointed me at all so far. If anything, it has surpassed my high expectations. theBalm Hot Mama is described as “peachy pink shimmer” and if you read this blog, you know that I own a gazillion other peachy pink shimmery blushes! This would have to be pretty outstanding in order to impress me, right? Yes, absolutely right!
What is the most impressive about this blush is the texture. You can find a hundred different peachy pink bushes in the market, but what actually defines the quality of a blush is the texture and how smoothly it applies on your skin. This is what sets apart this blush from other is how finely milled and pigmented (despite its light shade) it is. It applies extremely smooth on the skin, no sign of chalkiness and you don’t have to try hard to make it work for you. It is kind of universal in that sense. The texture gets an A+ and texture is what makes the blush.
Another thing that impressed me about this blush is that it is very versatile. It is not just a blush, but rather an all over kind of color. You can use this as an eyeshadow, a blush and a highlighter. If you are of deeper skin-tone, then it is best used as a highlighter instead of a blush. I’m around NC 40 right now and I would say this is where I would draw the line for this to be used as a blush. I could also use this as a highlighter. It is kind of a perfect face product for me.
I also adore the packaging; it is so sleek, practical and cute. Definitely the best blush packaging I have come across. I love the use of a vintage pin-up girl as “hot mama” on the front, the container itself is not bulky and inside has a cute little mirror. The packaging has the sleekness and practicality of NARS blushes minus how they get all dirty from outside and the cuteness of Benefit’s boxed blushes sans the huge surface area they occupy.
The best part of it all could be the value of this blush. It retails of $26 Cdn or $19 US (Never mind the fact that Canadian dollar is almost at par with the American, BOO!) and gives you 0.25 Oz of product. Compare that to my other beloved blush brands such as NARS, which gives 0.16 Oz for $27 US or $36 Cdn, Benefit – 0.36 Oz for $28 US or $36 Cdn and MAC 0.21 for $23.50 Cdn or $19.50 US. Of course the comparability will vary depending on if you are Canadian or American, but what I can assert is that you get a fantastic amount of quality product for the price.
As for potential dupes, I believe I’d have to make another post all together for that. It is similar to NARS Orgasm, Benefit Coralista and MAC Style but a little warmer in punch, but we’ll just have to reserve that discussion for another post :)
On me, it is rather my cheeks but better ( I totally heard it from you first, CZ!) It looks like an extremely natural golden coral sheen.
theBalm’s Hot Mama is totally a MILF and gets my seal of approval a 101%! Yes, there are a dozen other similar colors lying around in my blush drawer, but this is one of the best ones out there :)
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14 thoughts on “theBalm’s Hot Mama is indeed one!

  1. ki

    ha ha ha my cheeks but better 😛

    you do look really glowing though and I must admit that I own nothing that is such a natural blush on me!


  2. aoyv

    Try NARS Lovejoy! It is going to be my cheeks but better ha ha ha. Also, I can think of the MUFE HD blush in one of the nude-pink shades, I am sure it will look fantastic on you!


  3. Appu

    Thanks sooo much for the review :) I am definitely getting this MILF 100% lol! It looks so flattering on you 😀 The packaging is to die for!


  4. rashmi

    Shivu .. i think am from the older generations here I have to google what is MILF … now you dont laugh honey :( :( am honest to tell you that isnt it ?
    and now for the AWESOME color …. its looking perfect on you and I could see myself grabbing the color in near future …
    lovely shade of blush and is so easy to wear .. you are looking adorable here honey 😀 D:


  5. Glitterglamourgrace

    It looks So natural on you shivani…definitely My Cheeks but better..its there , yet its not there and I loved it..Sad these things are yet to be available in india..I am checking out if I can find it online :-))


  6. aoyv

    LOL :) That's cute :)
    Yes, you should totally get it, I know how much you love blushes and this is a good fit for your collection (& mine 😉 )


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