Remember that GORGEOUS jewel toned teal that every beauty blogger was raving about? You know the one that came out with MAC + Mickey Contractor collection back in the day? It was sold out within a matter of days. If you missed out on it, don’t you worry, it is not the end of the world. I have found a perfect dupe for this stunning eyeliner. I was going through my stash of eyeliners, then I came across Korres Eyeliner in 09 Petrol Blue. And OMGEE, I thought, they are exactly the same!
Korres 09 left, MAC Siahi Fluidline right
 The texture may vary, but these two are exactly the same, trust me. So much so, I wore them out each on one eye and I could not tell you the difference.
Siahi left, Korres 09 right
Yup, I am actually wearing two different eyeliners.
Differences between the two liners?
  • The texture obviously gives it away. Siahi has a more metallic sheen to it, more nuances.
  • Korres 09 Petrol Blue is a tad darker than Siahi.
  • Korres 09 smudges easier than Siahi and creases too :(
  • Korres 09 is a khol, and hence safe on waterline.
  • Korres 09 is a pencil, definitely more low-maintainenace than the fluidline.
But both liners have amazing staying power. They both lasted 10 hours and survived my intense hot yoga class. If you missed out on Siahi and think about it often, Korres 09 Petrol Blue is just what the doctor ordered.
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4 thoughts on “Missed out on MAC + Mickey Contractor’s Siahi Fluidline? There is hope!

  1. aoyv

    I definitely love Korres and the idea behind the brand. Its mostly natural and parabens free. Very eco friendly. I love their cherry glosses and eyeliners. I definitely want to try more stuff.


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