No Silly, I’m not saying good-bye. Well, I did, but not to the whole blogging thing. I said good-bye to a very dear friend of mine. She finished university and is headed back to her home-town. I was really sad, but what else could we do except gulp down a few margaritas together? That’s all we did.

Make-up I’m wearing:

  • MUFE HD Foundation.
  • MAC Peachtwist Blush
  • Lancome Sunbaked Coral Gloss
  • MAC Saffron Eyeshadow (LE), MAC Sable eyeshadow (in the crease), MAC Gana blush as highlighter. Dior DiorShow Mascara.

The floral dress is from MANGO. I actually got this in India last year :) The style is very me. Girly-girl with a punch!

I paired these with pewter gladiator sandals (which are a pain to put on and take off) from Nine West. I also got these in India. I am actually a bit late on the trend, but I love these.

Cute shot of Milly, she loves the camera (& the camera loves her back!) She has gotten so big now :O compared to what she was before. She is not supposed to get bigger than 5-6 pounds :)

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22 thoughts on “Goodbye – OOTD

  1. Fieran

    Looking good, Shivani. I agree that Gladiator sandals are difficult to put on and take off. I get a bit grumpy every time I have to try on pants with Gladiator sandals on. Urgh :)


  2. aoyv

    Thanks Ki! I wanted to do these for the longest of time but last year I did not buy many clothes because I gained weight from India and i needed some motivation to lose weight and fit into my old clothes again. I finally started looking OK in my old clothes again and now some serious cloth shopping is in order and hopefully more OOTD's :) You should do some too hon.


  3. aoyv

    Actually I am at the heaviest that I have ever been right now, but strangely I fit into my old clothes again. I have been studying from home this past year (wow, it has been that long) and the Canadian winters are not friendly at all, so I can't take a walk outside. So it means low calorie burning. I am also not a dieting person, I must eat whatever I want and however much I want. Lucky for me, I am addicted to yoga. I try to do yoga at least 3-4 times a week. I am not big on fast food either, but sometimes I do crave iced coffee, pizza so I MUST have it and I do. I dont believe in denying myself. But yes, yoga has helped me immensely. I am a size 4 right now, but my goal is a size two. Let's see 😛


  4. ki

    I plan to slowly start doing fotds and ootds :) you do them so effortlessly though, it makes me conscious of how I look! 😛


  5. aoyv

    Shut up, you are like so beautiful! You have no idea how conscious I was doing this. I just cut out my face from the pictures which were less than flattering. 😛 There was no mirror/perfect lighting here, had to work with what was avail 😛


  6. aoyv

    I'm only 5'3 or 5'4, I think. Not that tall. But its more important to be healthy and fit rather than just slip into a size number, I think. As long as you feel fit, its good :)


  7. Fieran

    Ah you're sweet as always :)

    Btw, forgot to mention that if you've gained weight but can fit into your older clothing, it means you have developed muscles. Congratulations!


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