MAC Mocha Lipstick is described as a peachy-yellow brown with a satin finish. It is one of the more natural lipstick shades I own. It definitely does not belong to the whole “nude” territory. I’m not someone who can pull off a nude lip everyday, I really need a little more color in my lips in order to look lively, if not that then at least more alive. This lipstick is also from the fabulous Mickey Contractor Collection, so if you weren’t able to pick up anything and still want a piece of Mickey, you can always grab a hold of MAC Mocha lipstick, because it is a permanent lipstick. Also, I find this to be a better suited brown on Indian/tan skin-tones. My mom is a skin-tone lighter than me and she has looked ghastly in possibly every brown lipstick she has tried. Mind you, she has been obsessed with brown lipstick ever since this stupid trend made its way into the mindsets of Indian women around early 90’s. I have had a special hatred for this trend because it made my beautiful mom into a lesser version of her. Dark brown lipstick weighed down her green eyes and made her look like Cruella or something. Mind you, she is anything but (most days, anyways). Indian women, listen to me, if you want to try brown lipstick, go for a shade that is not too dark and look for browns with a bit of pink or peach in them. It won’t play down the tan in your skin. I can also see this shade working as a good “nude” lipstick for darker skinned beauties. As far as wear is concerned, I get a good 3 or so hours from this, but it does dry my lips a bit. Satin finish isn’t the most moisturizing formula in the MAC range, but it makes up for that flaw by extending the longevity of the wear. Overall, I like this lipstick and will encourage you to look into MAC Mocha if you want a great everyday brown lipstick!

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20 thoughts on “MAC Mocha Lipstick

  1. rashmi

    i never thought of picking this up but now after ur amazing description i think i need to try this out …
    you should join some fashion maz dear … u write so well :)
    but yeahhh i would love if this works out for me as no nudes are made for me …. its sad isnt it :( :(
    i have velvet teddy for which i have to work extra hard ….


  2. Ki

    It's a little too brown for me… I didn't like it at all when I tried it!
    You really do carry of a wide range of shades!


  3. aoyv

    You should try hug me dear. Also half and half. I think plain nudes don't work for indian skintones, even the fair ones. We need some pink undertone.


  4. aoyv

    thanks dear. But I'm sad to hear you didnt like it :( The peachy-yellow maybe harder to pull off on your gorgeous dusky skin. I'll have to wait till summer to see what happens.


  5. aoyv

    And thank you dear. I picked up “work on you writing” bit from Christine. Before that I was careless about how my writing is. I think it will look very nice on you, but try it before buying.


  6. Appu

    You carry nudes pretty well! I don't own any nudes/wearable nudes from MAC. Just pinks, corals and the brownish-pinks. Must get some nice nudes :)


  7. aoyv

    Sorry girl, I am new to the whole lipstick thing…but the closest I can think of is Ravishing. I don't own it, but my friend does. Rashmi or Cynthia may be a better help. Also Charismatic? I am not sure though. :/


  8. Appu

    Ohk…i left a comment earlier sayin i own only pinks, corals and browish-pinks n no nudes from MAC and my comment vanished..thats y had to post again. Sorry abt the spam haha…Are u picking up any of the cremeblend blushes?


  9. aoyv

    No plans of picking up a cremeblend blush ASAP. The colors look kinda boring to me. NYX has a better range of shades in cream blushes than MAC. Out of all the colors, I do like Posey, in fact I had gifted a friend of mine that color, she loved it. But I'm not really a creme blush kind of person, I'd rather get MUFE HD gel/liquid/whatever it was blush because I hate the bacteria spread of cream blushes.


  10. Appu

    Yeah, NYX has some pretty good colors. I'll definitely try out the cremeblends before buying it am not soo sure. There's a coral that looks really nice. I read on Karen's blog that the lipsticks are a bit too drying so am still skeptical. But you never know, I might get sucked in and end up buying both! :)


  11. Tanveer Parmar

    Ohh don't even get me started on the whole brown lipstick obsession that a lot of Indian women have – it went out with the 90s, but you'll still see women here sporting glossy brown shades – it does nothing for them – except make them look muddy & older *sigh*.. you are right, we need some peach/pink to break the monotone that brown creates with our yellow undertones..

    Brown shades generally look horrid on me – my hubby says I look “older” – I guess that is euphemism for “this looks crappy on you!” 😀 😀


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