Have you ever wanted something so badly and had no idea why. Well, that was the case with me and MAC Cockney Lipstick. I probably have a dozen other red lipsticks and glosses and hardly wear any of them, yet I badly obsessively wanted this lipstick for god knows what reason. Actually, I do know the reason; I wanted it because I thought it was a sheer glossy red. After all, it is a lustre finish, and description goes as “sheer yellow red with multidimensional pearl.” I thought it would be the perfect day red, but it turned out be not so sheer though still very beautiful. It is still less high maintenance than the other in your face (but oh so stunning) reds, but it doesn’t qualify to be a day red (for me at least!). The wear is comfortable but not as hydrating as other lustre finishes from MAC. I think it is a perfect lipstick from those who shy away from the boldness of a true red lip; you will get the glamour quotient of a red lipstick sans the in your face attitude.
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17 thoughts on “MAC Cockney Lipstick

  1. rashmi

    shivu loveddd the glow and spark :) and u are so right this one is such a easy going red
    loved the blush as well … mind sharing the secret ??
    looking adorable sweetie :)


  2. Fieran

    This looks really good on you, Miss S :)

    I don't ever see myself wearing a red lippie though – my brightest colour is “Spice is Nice” and even then I put it on and remove it a few times because I can't decide if I should wear it or not. Now bold eyeshadow, that's another story :) A much happier one.


  3. aoyv

    And thanks so much dear, but next time you are at MAC have a look at this, Russian red , Diva and Odyssey, I am sure your mind will be changed 😛


  4. Fieran

    Because I'm chicken? :) Hehe. I recently got over my fear of bold blushes. Wearing MAC's Fever today. I'll slowly get over the bold lips and then all will be well. Picked up Jeanius' Riveting Rose to slowly warm up to darker lips.


  5. Michellepbelmonte

    Awesome blog! That red fits the shade of your lips sooo well!

    BTW, check out my blog! Its still young & growing, so keep checking back for more updates! 😀



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