Hello lovely readers, please accept sincere apologies from my part for not updating quite as often. No, my passion is not rubbing off, I have just been busy in life. It happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? Anyways, topic du jour is MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, which is a favorite of (almost) every beauty junkie (or not) I know of. I have had this gel liner for a while (no, at least a year) now and finally decided that it was time to review. It is one of my most used products in my stash and knowing how many products are actually in my stash, it is quite an achievement, now isn’t it? So time for me to decide whether it is Holy Grail or not!
First things first, I love this product. There is absolutely not doubt about it; it is the most intense black eyeliner I own. The pigmentation, the texture is absolutely flawless. It applies extremely smoothly. And though fluidlines are not “water-line safe”, I promise you absolutely nothing will happen (in most cases anyways) if you apply it on your waterline. The eyeliner stays put on your lash-lines all day long. And one pot of this fluidline will last you a long time even if you use everyday.
Does that mean it is my holy grail? Surprisingly, no! Simply put, I am not a gel liner gal. For everyday, I much rather prefer a softer look and black gel liners like this one does not cut it. I enjoy having this and it is indeed a great option when I want my liner to stay put all day long, but it is by no means something I can’t live without. I would definitely repurchase this when I run out, simply because it is a staple, but I won’t terribly miss it either.
Left; MAC Blitz & Glitz fluidline, Right; MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
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10 thoughts on “Holy Grail or sheer hype; MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

  1. shivani thakur

    thaks for the opinion,shivani.was planning to buy this but was told by the MUA that if you are short of time pencils ae better.So bought graph black
    Also maybelline gel liner on my waterline stings so was not very sure whether to buy this or no..But now i think might give it a miss!!


  2. Ki

    I have just one gel liner from mac – siahi and I quite like it. But yeah, black gel liner does look quite stark… pencils are smudgier!


  3. Tammy

    I love the look of Fluidline too but sadly I'm almost always in too much of a rush to use gel liners as often as I'd like. I prefer pen-tip liners for on-the-go :)
    Thanks for your review!


  4. Fieran

    Hmm, I've never tried this on my waterline. I've used it for normal use and I like it because it looks a bit more natural than pencil I feel.. like if you apply it really close to your lashline it takes awhile for people to notice that you're actually wearing makeup. I could live without it – seeing as pencil liners are a bit less fuss (no need for brush and steady hands).


  5. Appu

    I prefer pencils any day but, when it comes to gel liners I prefer the Bobbi Brown one over this :) I feel Fludlines dry faster even when stored upside down and I have scraped off the top layer a few times. But, if they have a unique color like Siahi or Ivy, I will definitely purchase :)


  6. Rae Chen

    Alright, so I clearly have to try this again – had it for the while & really wasn't all that impressed! Mine may have been dried out, though… *suspicious*


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