I love avocados, they are my favorite vegetable like fruit or fruit like vegetable or whatever the heck it is. So today, I ran a cosmetic experiment with my beloved fruit-vegetable. Avocados are allegedly really good for your skin; they provide top notch hydration and give your skin a soft natural glow. This mask is really easy to make and great for normal, dry, and really dry skin-types. It is also a great cooling mask, so it will make a great treat in those summer months ahead of us.

You will need about 2-3 spoonful of avocado, 1 spoon honey and 1 spoon sugar (for exfoliation and optional).
Mash and mix!
Optional (if you really want to make this into a hydrating mask) add 2 spoons of yogurt.
And ta-da.

The result was smooth, glowing skin. Seriously, I haven’t even moisturized my face and it is glowing. I think the best face-masks can be made in your kitchen.

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8 thoughts on “Do it yourself: Avocado Honey Mask

  1. rashmi

    hey that sounds great and might taste good as well isnt it ?
    will tell my mom as she has dry skin and loves home made packs 😀


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