Me and those Chanel lipsticks, we go a long way back. My first make-up memory and mishap is also associated with them. The first time ever that I secretly tried on my mom’s lipstick (yes, it was a Chanel), I was around seven years old. My parents were out and I was home alone, I thought this would be my only chance to feel grown up and “do some make-up”! I picked her expensive “from the duty free of Europe Chanel lipstick”and slapped it on my lips (no better way to put it). But oh snap, I heard the door open and then quickly put the lid on the lipstick without twisting it back. Damn, I thought – I am caught red handed and insult to the injury was that I had damaged my mom’s imported lipstick. But as I always say, I have the best mom in the world – she was so gracious about it and answered my mischief with a smile – no scolding, no shouting! To this day, I haven’t forgotten her sweet, kind gesture and I do pay her back, with Chanel lipsticks, of course. Every mother’s day my mom only gets a Chanel lipstick from me. In fact one mother’s day, I was mad at her, so she pacified me and yes, made me go to the department store to buy her a lipstick.  A Chanel, nonetheless. This particular lipstick I also bought for my mom, I never actually wear it, but I borrowed this from her to do this post (because it was requested by the lovely Rashmi). The lipstick I am talking about is Chanel Rouge Coco in Orchidée.
Orchidée is a bright tomato pink. It is quite a unique color and like all Chanel lipsticks, it does something wonderful for any skin tone. The color brightens up my skin and my mom’s too (she is a skin-tone lighter with green eyes). I find Chanel lipstick by far to be quite woman of color friendly. Almost all colors will flatter a wide array of skin-tones. It is not the most moisturizing lipstick, but my no means drying either. I find it very comfortable. While I am not someone who should judge the longevity of lipstick, it does last a decent 2-3 hours on me (minus the eating/drinking part). The packaging is sleek, classy and will make you feel like a diva when you pop this out of a purse. I have nothing bad to say about Chanel lipsticks, maybe because of some fond memories associated with it. I do like to indulge in and make my mom indulge in this luxury every once in a while. I think every woman should give Chanel lipsticks a try. I know Rashmi was not too impressed with her choice of color, but I thought it flattered her very much.
Wearing Chanel Rouge Coco in Orchidée and also MAC Pro-long wear foundation in NC 35 (8 hours after first applied, no touch ups)!
This is definitely holy grail for me and gets my seal of approval 100%! Have you tried Chanel Rouge Coco? What is your take? Do let me know!Also, this makes a great mother’s day present. Just ask my mom, ha ha! 

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9 thoughts on “Chanel Rouge Coco Orchidée Lipstick

  1. rashmi

    its looking awesomeeeee on you 😀 😀 and see those eyes full of mischief 😀 😀
    i can imagine how you must have felt when you applied your first lipstick and CHANEL .. guess you are the luckiest gal around :)
    in fact I was thinking the same when I applied this on Anmol's first Convo. 😀 😀
    and thank you sooo much for doing this and mentioning am def. going to try out this and see how it looks on me 😀
    and shivu I think now I should follow your gifting idea too 😀 😀
    isnt it .. we daughters should spoil or say pamper our moms with Chanel … what better way to show them how much we care ..
    I know my mom would never buy her a Chanel but thanks again for giving this idea
    you are the best


  2. aoyv

    you should totally get your mom this lipstick…I know she'll love it very much. My mom still gets excited like a little kid when she sees I got her one and is excited to see which shade i got her. MAC is okay for her, but it is Chanel which is her favorite. I'll do Camelia soon too, it is a lighter shade :)


  3. Witoxicity

    Oh, I love the whole childhood story behind your love for Chanel lipsticks! You certainly have a fantastic mother and you are such a sweet daughter for getting her a Chanel lipstick every year. That's such a classy tradition! :)


  4. rashmi

    ohh yeahh perfect she is coming here next week and will be here for 10 days :) will take her to Chanel counter 😀 😀 will wait for the other shade


  5. Jacqueline M

    I love love Chanel lipsticks. I love Rouge Allures better just because they are slightly sheerer and have a lovely satiny finish. I'm currently in love with the Rouge Coco shines.

    Orchidee looks lovely on you.


  6. Andreea

    Awwww! I also use to give a Chanel lipstick to my mom, X-mas or birthday. She is not so much into luxury, she started using makeup around 50 only. Though she does not care about labels, she loved and loves the Chanels most. This cute color – well, that’s one for me :-) a similar one is Lauder Signature in 33Apricot Sun but it’s less pink in the undertone.
    Thank you for sharing <3
    Andreea recently posted..SISLEY Belle de Shanghai – mit neuem Gloss und neuem BlushMy Profile


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