Howdy everyone? I am in quite a cheery mood today (and also was yesterday). First of all, India beat Pakistan in the semi-finals of the cricket world cup and the weather is finally pleasant in the icy and cold city of Calgary. Went for yoga last night and felt all zen-like. The only thing that can make me happier is when India will win the world cup So spring has sprung (let me not jinx it however, because it might… Read more »

Me and those Chanel lipsticks, we go a long way back. My first make-up memory and mishap is also associated with them. The first time ever that I secretly tried on my mom’s lipstick (yes, it was a Chanel), I was around seven years old. My parents were out and I was home alone, I thought this would be my only chance to feel grown up and “do some make-up”! I picked her expensive “from the duty free of Europe… Read more »

Hello lovely readers, please accept sincere apologies from my part for not updating quite as often. No, my passion is not rubbing off, I have just been busy in life. It happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? Anyways, topic du jour is MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, which is a favorite of (almost) every beauty junkie (or not) I know of. I have had this gel liner for a while (no, at least a year) now and finally decided that… Read more »

Miss Beauty Nerd dishes on Asia’s hottest and most coveted product – BB Creams!! Jellyminx shares a Jessie J inspired makeup tutorial. K from Beautifully Addicted To gives us a look at ELF Mineral Glosses. Anita over at Pleasureflush sorts through her stash of mascaras to find out which ones are keepers and which ones are heading for the bin! Fee at Makeup Savvy takes on this year’s Spring/Summer key fashion trends with a series of inspired nail art tutorials!… Read more »

As I type this I am in a library “studying” for designation exams. This picture is taken from my laptop, ha ha. I thought I’d just show you what make-up I wear on a random day. 1) Face: MUFE HD Foundation and MUFE full cover concealer. 2)Eyes: MAC Blacktrack Fluidline on upper lashline and waterline. 3)Lips: MAC Mehr Lipstick 4)Cheeks: MUFE HD blush in #2 Caught in the act. There we go, it is a MAC and MUFE kind of… Read more »

I love avocados, they are my favorite vegetable like fruit or fruit like vegetable or whatever the heck it is. So today, I ran a cosmetic experiment with my beloved fruit-vegetable. Avocados are allegedly really good for your skin; they provide top notch hydration and give your skin a soft natural glow. This mask is really easy to make and great for normal, dry, and really dry skin-types. It is also a great cooling mask, so it will make a… Read more »

Want the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara but don’t like the price? Come over to Jeweled Thumb to learn how to make your own for free! Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews loves peach colored makeup. After lots of searching, here are three perfect peaches for spring. Krasey Beauty visits the International Beauty Show in NYC, and takes you along for the ride! Does Victoria’s Secret Sparkling Lip Gloss light up Makeup Morsels’ life? Read to find out! The Pink Sith Pontificates on… Read more »

Have you ever wanted something so badly and had no idea why. Well, that was the case with me and MAC Cockney Lipstick. I probably have a dozen other red lipsticks and glosses and hardly wear any of them, yet I badly obsessively wanted this lipstick for god knows what reason. Actually, I do know the reason; I wanted it because I thought it was a sheer glossy red. After all, it is a lustre finish, and description goes as… Read more »

Once upon a time, I was watching a Hindi soap (don’t judge!) and while it was extremely painful to watch, I couldn’t help but admire the skillful make-up of the actresses. They all have such dark, striking eyes and had their waterline lined so beautifully. Back in the day, I only owned a single eyeliner, a Dior one, which despite of being an extremely good eyeliner, was a no show on the waterline. As a make-up noob, I had such… Read more »

MAC Mocha Lipstick is described as a peachy-yellow brown with a satin finish. It is one of the more natural lipstick shades I own. It definitely does not belong to the whole “nude” territory. I’m not someone who can pull off a nude lip everyday, I really need a little more color in my lips in order to look lively, if not that then at least more alive. This lipstick is also from the fabulous Mickey Contractor Collection, so if… Read more »

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