I have had this product for ages and since February is a make-up fast month for me (I broke the fast twice already, boo), I thought it would be a good idea to catch up on forgotten items that never got to make rounds of the reviewing table. If you read this blog, you know that I am obsessed with all things MAC and find it to be my ultimate make-up brand. Everything I pick up from MAC, I feel the quality will be assured. Are high expectation good or bad?
Review, photos and swatches ahead! 

It retails for $38 Cdn for 50 ml of product. It does last you a long time; if you use it everyday, it should at least last you as long as your moisturizer does! I rarely use mine and for a while, I had completely forgotten about it and this bottle is from a year ago. In short, you do get a decent amount of product for your money. The product is supposed to be an all-over luminizer, so it definitely does not fall into the whole “hi-lighter” category. So when it comes to giving an all over glow, I am not sure if it does the job as of yet and I have had this product for a while. You see, I am a woman of color (dang, that was news, wasn’t it?) and the glow it tries to give, isn’t quite the most flattering one on me.

I just feel it is one of those products which work best for paler skin-tones. I kiss this product good bye during summer, where I am easily an NC 40/42. If it had a slightly warmer undertone, I feel this product would be more friendly towards women of color. Hey MAC, why don’t you come up with a similar product in a warm peach undertone?

As for questions on how to use this, it is best used mixed with foundation. Sometimes, it is rather unfriendly like that, depending on the foundation, so I just apply it sheerly underneath and then foundation layered on top. I will definitely not repurchase this and I am just waiting to somehow finish this bottle for B2M!

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6 thoughts on “Review: MAC Strobe Liquid

  1. aoyv

    haha dont worry I depotted some blushes and eyeshadows and the the whole B2M thing. And yes, I did buy to lipsticks and a blush palette and Rashmi did send me the MC stuff and the Lakme blush. So yes, not quite a makeup fast.


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