I had been putting off reviewing these eyeshadows for God knows what reason, but the time has finally come for me to review these for you. The eyeshadows I bought are Marvel, Rani and Saffron. I skipped Oomph because I already had a dupe for that shade and didn’t feel the reason to buy another one just because a certain Mr. Contractor came up with it (read: restraint =P).

Marvel is described as a deep purple with a soft pink pearl. It is a frost finish eyeshadow. It applies rather sheerly, but somehow translates beautifully on the lid. This color blends easily, makes an excellent choice for a purple smokey eye, as well. The fall out is practically non existent and the staying power is brilliant. While it is nice to have, I wouldn’t however say it is an absolute must have. Skip if you have similar colors would be my advice! I only bought it because I didn’t have a deep purple like this and I reckon it will look fantastic with Indian clothes, especially the purples.
Rani is described as a bright fuchsia with a soft pink pearl. It is also a frost finish. I remember very vividly the first time I swatched this on my hand; I thought wow, it feels like butter! It is incredibly smooth, texture wise, the pigmentation is out of this world and fall out is non-existent. It is also a bit on the sheer side, but I guess that is the beauty of this shade. The little pink pearls seep through from the sheerness, making it quite a unique shade to have. If you don’t have a fuchsia eyeshadow, I say look into it! It can also double as a bright pink blush, totally love match with this eyeshadow!
Saffron is described as a deep coral caramel. It is a satin finish. It is probably the most wearable, every-day kind of shade in the lot and gorgeous in its own right. The quality of the eyeshadow is perfect; Great staying power, amazing pigmentation, zero fall-out. The color will be most flattering on warmer skin-tones and will  look amazing with yellow colored Indian clothes. I love using this as a blush, too, gives the perfect burnt orange kind of a glow.
Surprisingly, none of these eyeshadows are sold out on the website as of yet. Being an Indian girl, I know eyeshadows aren’t exactly our top make-up priority, so I am assuming that is why. But if any of these colors catch your eye, I’d encourage you to check these out. In case you were wondering, my personal picks are Rani and Saffron.
Saffron, Rani and Marvel
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