Blitz & Glitz was my very first fluidline and I always found it to be some kind of gorgeous. It is a black with finely ground golden glitter, which gives you the perfect Egyptian inspired eyes. It is the equally pretty, but less popular sister of Blacktrack Fluidiline. Hmm I wonder if there is any sibling rivalry between these two?
My thoughts? Extremely opaque, all day long lasting eyeliner. Love it for this. Once you master how to apply gel-liner, I think very few of us go back to just being the pencil liner kind of gals. This formula lasts all day long, without smudging or budging. The color is also a deep black with a twist of golden shimmer. Although I have to say that the uniqueness of the shade pretty much dies right there. The golden specks get lost with the black when on your eyes. The trick I use to show on the golden specks is  once the liner is dry, to smudge is out a bit. It is best used with dramatic smokey eyes or alone, when the uniqueness of the colour can truly shine.
I have had this fluidline for almost two years now and unfortunately, it dried up on me. Fluidlines tend to do that after a while. I used a few drops of rubbing alcohol (99%) and mixed the two together. It was back to normal in a matter of seconds. Rubbing alcohol is a life saver when it comes to damaged eye make-up.
Overall, I consider this fluidline to be in the “nice to have, but not a must” category. I enjoy having this, but its not something I think everyone needs in their stash.
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