NARS blushers are definitely one of my favorite kinds. Yes, yes NARS Orgasm is a cult favorite, but I find rest of the colors no less flattering. I honestly feel there are other gems in the line which are overlooked because of one hyped up blush (don’t get me wrong, it deserves all the hype, but it takes away from the rest of amazing colors).
Needless to say, the quality of the blush is amazing. The pigmentation, color pay off is amazing, all this with minimal fall out. The color, which is described as shimmering bronzed rose, is extremely wearable. It is a perfect day shade, so it isย perfect ย for work, running errands or the days you don’t want to look dolled up, yet still pretty. It is also quite misleading in the sense that it isn’t the most attractive color in the pan, it looks kind of a “poop color” with all those rich brown undertones, very much like Benefit Dallas, MAC Coppertone and MAC Gingerly and on you, however, it is quite a different story. NARS Lovejoy has much more prominent shimmer than the other mentioned blushes and has its own uniqueness. I think it is a perfect day shade for medium light to medium dark skin-tones, making it quite perfect for almost all Indian skin-tones.
I personally like to describe myself as a strictly medium skin-tone which tans quite easily, so on me it wears as a beautiful bronzed rose color. I use a light hand with this blush, in comparison to NARS Orgasm, which I use a heavier hand with. I find NARS blushes quite universal in that sense, they can work for anyone, depending on the kind of brush and pressure you use. To close off, I would like to say that NARS Lovejoy is my new favorite NARS blush and must not be overlooked!
Kind of blah in the pan right?
But translates into a beautiful bronze rose on my skin!
The result is the most naturally gorgeous day blush!
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29 thoughts on “NARS Lovejoy is my love and joy!

  1. Ki

    I am DYING to try this now!!! I am supposed to be on a makeup ban in feb, but I can just IMAGINE walking into sephora and picking this little baby up! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I also have dolce vita, sin, taos, albatross… all sitting right there on my massive wishlist. And I just hauled mac today. :-/


  2. Ki

    Indianwood paint pot, swiss chocolate eyeshadow and pro longwear concealer. LOVING the first two. But PL is too sheer for me. :-/


  3. Ki

    And oh – mickey contractor's gonna be here in ten days! ๐Ÿ˜€ but like a good girl, I plan to get only TWO things :O ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›


  4. aoyv

    I didn't like the concealer either, its rather hard to work with. I just reach for studio finish even though it looks crappy in pictures. I need a new concealer!! :( My MUFE number 10 is a tad light for me, I need to get it in a darker shade!


  5. Ki

    That's another must try for me… god! I plan to get just saffron and siahi due to the sad discovery that mac blushes break me out bigtime. :( what didn't you get ๐Ÿ˜›


  6. rashmi

    i m just lovinggggggggggggggggg this …. just ??? nooo its amazing on you and i will pick this ASAP :) loved it shivu and thank u so much doing this right on time :)


  7. dvja

    love joy is definitely a joy :) love the way it looks on ur cheeks n the swatch, as well…yes, it luks not-so-pleasing in the pan! nice one, shivani :) did i forget to tell – u luk awee….sweet :)


  8. Fieran

    Ahh NARS blushes are awesome. I didn't know much about it until I picked up Taj Mahal a few months ago. I used it yesterday and Holy Pigment Batman – just one slight swipe and there was so much colour! I spent quite a bit of time trying to sheer it out. Didn't look too bad :)


  9. aoyv

    OOH I want Taj Mahal and have already bugged a friend of mine who has access to it. Its discontinued here, though. I know what you mean, the pigment is just perfect, too. Not like NYX which makes you look like a clown face.


  10. Skoglund1989

    Orgasm doesn't show up on my skintone, so I gave it to a much paler friend. NARS has my favorite blushes though; I absolutely love Crazed, hands down my favorite blush I've ever bought.


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