Gulabi means rosey in Hindi and the lipstick lives up to that name. It is a hot pink rose in a tube and on your lips. It is an amplified cream lipstick, which means it is high on shine and comfort. It is such a hydrating lipstick and amplified cream has become my favorite lipstick finish from MAC. If you don’t have a great fuchsia lipstick, then this is a must!

YashΒ means success in Hindi. It is a peachy-nude lipstick of matte finish. It is not as moisturizing as Gulabi is, but not drying at the same time. It is a matte version of Cherish lipstick which is a satin finish. If you have Cherish, you don’t need Yash, unless you are me, of course. This is not a lipstick which is meant for deeper Indian skin-tones. I would definitely not recommend this to anyone over NC 35/40.
Sorry, I couldn’t get my hands on Mehr, but maybe a friend will be kind enough to ship it to me from India? Anyways, it may be too late for me to review for you guys, it is already sold out on the website. Mocha is a permanent shade, so I was hoping to get it for myself later. It is Mickey’s pick, so it probably is something special.
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15 thoughts on “MAC + Mickey Contractor Lipsticks in Yash and Gulabi

  1. Ki

    Gulabi looks fab on you :)

    do you want me to pick up mehr if I can and ship it to you? Thing is, I'm missing the first day of the collection but I may just go the next day (don't ask – worst luck ever!) so I can get the lippie if it's still in stock. Let me know :)

    btw, since I'm missing the launch, hubby said he may pick up gana blush for me… do you think it'll look ashy on me? :-/


  2. aoyv

    Thanks for the offer babe, but Rashmi is already doing that for me.
    No, Gana won't look ashy on you. The models in the shoot are the same foundation shade as you I think – 43.5 (is that what you are?). The texture of the blush is such that it won't look ashy on our skintones. It is very smooth, in fact it works better on a little darker skin and will definitely only work as a high-lighter, not blush – so keep that in mind.


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