I own three other fluidlines besides Ivy, and must say, despite having a certain Blacktrack in my stash, I have found an unbeatable new favorite. Ivy is not perfect, I must say, but despite a few minor flaws, it is still gorgeous. Ivy is a happy, bright green that looks stunning against my brown eyes. I don’t feel compelled to wear eyeshadow or even mascara with it, because the color steals the limelight on its own. It is such a youthful color, that’s perfect for those fun weekend picnics or if you are young enough, for the day. The one issue I had with this fluidline is that it lacks the opacity of the other ones in my stash. It is rather sheer for a fluidline, but it is not completely hopeless, either. I had to draw two good lines for it to perfectly show up on my lid. It does stay put as is like all its other fluidline family. The color is gorgeous, a must if you are a green eye makeup fiend like your friend here. I am so sad I am not able to review the other fluidline from the collection, which is Siahi, but I hope I am able to get my hands on it. I hope Mickey will come up with another collection soon; just one is not enough.

Get Ivy fluidline, if:

  • You heart fun, fearless make-up which is gorgeous, obviously.
Don’t get Ivy if:
  • You really, really mind applying two coats of a fluidline.
left, smudged; right, stay put – only a single coat both instances.


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15 thoughts on “MAC + Mickey Contractor Ivy Fluidline

  1. Ki

    go check out kiandmakeup.blogspot.com – there will be eotd atleast if not fotd, with both the corrector/concealer and saffrom in a few days (my husband has the camera!)


  2. Ki

    I'm so glad you'll get everything you wanted! You can even mix the orange with a concealer – your mufe one maybe? I've been playing with the corrector all day! 😀


  3. aoyv

    Siahi is great too. Rashmi got the missing pieces for me, so sweet of her! Yes, thanks for the color corrector tip yaar – I badly needed it. My concealers are always too light or too dark.


  4. Ki

    Haan it IS pretty! But I ended up picking siahi only! I also got gana (you were SO right), saffron (beautiful!) and the colour corrector (I'm hoping to able to get a backup of this).

    Try layering the orange corrector under your pro longwear – long lasting OPAQUE coverage. I'm LOVING it!


  5. Glitterglamourgrace

    Shivaniiii…I am so excited. I got Siahi today…its so gorgeous. psssst..you are the first one I am telling..yay


  6. divija

    thnq for the quick review, shivani. it was like love it-hate it…in a same line…LOL…i was scrolling again for the swatch :( trying to imagine green liner against ur brown eyes….sigh


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