What I got from Mickey Contractor Collection – sadly they were out of the Mehr Lipstick I ordered, as well. So in short, I missed out on Siahi fluidline, Sur Blush, Color corrector and Mehr lipstick :(

But…I got the rest and I can tell you its bloody awesome from what I have tested so far! I love you Mickey Contractor!

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7 thoughts on “MAC Mickey Contractor Haul

  1. aoyv

    I didn't get oomph, I didn't think it to be so unique and I have MAC humid already, so I didn't see the point of getting it. But wait, a friend may be buying the rest of the items on my behalf 😉


  2. Ki

    Wow you really DO love mickey contractor! 😀 😛

    Thank your dad from my side as well, now I get to see all these items before I hit MAC for this collection!!!


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