Let’s kick off the Mickey Contractor madness with the Gana blush, shall we? Gana in Hindi (which is my mother tongue :P) means song and yes, this blush totally deserves a song of its own. It is described as a “bright white gold” and when I saw the very first swatches of this blush, I thought to myself, how can any Indian skin-tone wear this thing as a blush? Boy was I wrong! It looks so gorgeous on cheeks and can be used as a high-lighter as well and this will especially be the case for darker skin-tones, which most definitely won’t be able to pull this off as a blush. It gives a soft luminous golden sheen to your cheeks, so it will make a nice partner in crime to a killer dark lip. It is a frost finish blush, but surprisingly blends so easily into the cheeks. The pigmentation is amazing, as well. I am almost embarrassed to say that I only ordered this blush because Sur, the other blush from the collection was sold out and me being a blush fiend, had to get at least one blush from my favorite MUA’s collection. I have a gazillion MAC blushes, but this one is extremely special to me.
Get Gana, if:
  • You want a subtle blush that will double as a high-lighter (check)
  • You love Mickey Contractor (check)
  • You desperately want a blush from this collection and can’t get your hands on Sur (it is sold out online!). (check)
Don’t get Gana, if:
  • You can’t pull off light, sheeny blushes.
Swatch time!
MAC Gana Frost Blush
Overall thoughts: With many other superstars in the collection, MAC Gana Blush can be overlooked, but shouldn’t be. It is a beautiful blush that will especially be a hit with girls of fair to medium skin-tones and will work as a high-lighter for darker skin tones.
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11 thoughts on “MAC Gana Blush deserves a song of its own!

  1. Glitterglamourgrace

    Wow…Nice haul Shiv…inspite of the few missing items..I was so eagerly waiting for your heads up on this collection..Yay!!

    Waiting for your take on the rest as well….heheh


  2. aoyv

    I haven't ever swatched albatross, so I can't say for sure. I'm not one of those bloggers who see swatches on a blog and start thinking they have some experience with it..lol! But I <33 it. Its cheaper than the NARS one, though :)


  3. Ki

    I have… hence, the comment! Not try to be one of “those” bloggers 😛 😛 😛

    I am wondering whether it'll look good as a highlighter on me… :/ waiting for an FOTD 😀


  4. Peachesandblush

    Its releasing here on the 22nd and i can probably afford just 2 products…tell me once yv experiemented with it which 2 you would recommend…?


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