Athma means soul in Hindi. My soul food is yoga, I feel so content when I am consistently practicing yoga. Therefore, my athma needs yoga, but it also needs make-up, you know! Especially when it is MAC, limited edition and created by someone who is a rockstar according to me – yes, that’s right Mickey Contractor! That is one hard to resist combination for me, so yes, I went a bit crazy with this collection.
This quad consists of two limited edition lustres (Jaan and Vivah), one satin finish (Folie) and one matte (Carbon). I’ll just be honest and tell you up front that I am not really an eyeshadow kind of gal. But damn, these eyeshadows just kept calling out to me, and I just couldn’t help but treat myself to one of these!
The color pattern of this palette isn’t a boring neutral, but it does make a nice set of ingredients for a classic bollywood smokey eye. You know, the kind Lara Dutta often sports or Rani Mukherjee’s smokey eyes from KANK? Overall, I quite like the shades incorporated. After all, Mickey is the most sort after pro in B-town, he knows what he is doing!
Jaan, which means love/heart in Hindi is a lustre finish light peachy-pink with golden lustre. I would only consider it a highlight shade, and definitely can not be worn as a single eyeshadow, but can be layered over a darker shade to give a “sparkling” dimension. As gorgeous as the shade is, it is kind of hard to work with and caused a lot of fall out. I didn’t actually use a primer, but I was a little disappointed with the fall out issues.
Vivah, which means marriage in Hindi is also a lustre finish chocolate brown with golden lustre. This is more versatile than Jaan, but I have similar falling out issues with this one as well. It can, unlike Jaan, be used as a lid wash color because of the depth of the shade. 

Folie is a satin plum brown color. It is one of Mickey’s favorite eye shadow colors from MAC’s permanent line. It is definitely my favorite eyeshadow in the quad. It applies smoothly and is the perfect ingredient for a sexy smokey eye.

Carbon is a matte black eyeshadow and is from the permanent line. I have had this shadow for a while and now I have two Carbons in my stash. I don’t mind though, it is a versatile shade great for setting up eyeliner or just creating a basic smokey eye.

Overall thoughts? The two limited edition lustre shades are beautiful but come with the fall out baggage. If you don’t mind the fall out, this palette is definitely worth a look. I wouldn’t consider this a “neutral” palette, it is more a sexy smokey eye palette, the lustre shades are definitely not meant for the day. 

Get the Athma quad if:
  • You like blingy eye-shadow.
  • You love smokey eyes.
  • You don’t mind a bit of fall out.
Don’t get the Athma quad if:
  • You can’t deal with fall-out, at all!
  • You already have Carbon and or Folie and don’t care about the other shades much.
A sexy smokey eye is definitely in order with this quad, don’t you think?
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4 thoughts on “MAC Athma Quad provokes my athma to do a sexy smokey eye!

  1. Shaylee Anne

    This is gorgeous! I think my most used MAC shadow is Carbon – its super versatile and I always layer it over my liner for staying power!

    I think Folie is gorgeous too! (Good thing I like the permanent shades haha!)

    I would love to see you do an eye look with this! :)


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