Love Lettuce was the fresh Lush Fresh Face Mask I ever tried and what can I say? I am hooked ever since. I have tried nearly all of Lush’s Fresh Face Masks and my first pick is also one of the best masks in the range.  It is also one of the stronger exfoliating masks I have tried, Lush or not. The exfoliating beads in it are definitely larger than the run off the mill exfoliating mask. I kind of like it though as I find my skin is not that sensitive to exfoliants in general. While it does one heck of a job exfoliating your skin, it is not drying either, making it the perfect winter face mask. I love Lush for making all natural masks which are basically affordable treats for your skin. I would encourage you to try a Lush Fresh Face Mask, if you haven’t yet. These are to be refrigerated, so these make a great summer indulgence too. You may not enjoy these if you, like my mom, have sinus because of the coolness.
Get Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask if:
  • You love exfoliating masks which are not drying.
Don’t get it Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask if:
  • You can’t deal with not-so-gentle exfoliation
So that was the long and short of it, but Love Lettuce is indeed an amazing exfoliating mask, which I badly need here in the heart of Rocky Mountains.
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16 thoughts on “Do you love lettuce enough to try this face mask by lush?

  1. Tanveer Parmar

    I'm busy collecting lush pots these days – for the 5 pots for fresh face mask scheme. Lush is bit overpriced for India – but even I have come to love most of their prdts. AOBS is my fav. 😀


  2. aoyv

    It cost me around $7 cdn, sorry I don't know how much it costs in India. Around 300 Rs is my guess. Shelf life is 3 weeks kept in the fridge and fragrance was very mild :)


  3. Beautybysarahashley

    Love the blog so many great tips!!!! But do you thing this hair mask will weigh down my super fine hair because I have been on the hunt for something like that forever with no luck.


  4. aoyv

    Thanks Sarah! The hair mask (I'm assuming you are taking about Jasmine/Henna fluff-eaze) wont weigh down your hair…its very light, actually. I have fine hair too, it worked great for me :)


  5. Witoxicity

    I like exfoliating masks with larger beads too. Feels like they would do a better job that way. This one sure sounds good! :)


  6. Appu

    Oh never thought of that :( I was thinking since it smells nice it might work lol! Btw this is completely unrelated to this post…have u tried The Balm's Hot Mama blush? If you have how does it compare to MAC Springsheen or Orgasm? My local Sephora does not have this brand in store so i'll have to rely on online swatches :(


  7. Appu

    Ooh, I love lush fresh face masks. My current fav is Oatifix :) It smells amazing :) They say it expires within 2-3 weeks but, I've had some really fresh for about 2 months when I store it in the fridge but, haven't actually tried it on my face after that lol! Maybe will do this time coz too much goes waste :)


  8. Glitterglamourgrace

    Know what?? I got Angels on bare skin last week and loving it totally…In fact that was my first skin care product from lush…much inspired by u :-)

    I will try this on my next trip to lush..Btw, Which hair product would u suggest me from Lush? I want something that gives volume and nice smelling.


  9. aoyv

    YAY! Some lush love. I absolutely heart lush and everything I have tried (except one or two) has been fab!
    I'll only recommend Henna and Jasmine Fluff Eaze hair mask. It will repair your hair, give volume and make your hair smell DIVINE! Do try it please!


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