Hi guys, sorry I have been extremely busy lately. Well, I haven’t been accomplishing much besides procrastinating, but it’s all good. If you guys can make a room for me in your prayers, I’ll be eternally grateful to you guys. I am writing a badass exam this Saturday, which 60% of people fail and I could definitely need some help of the divinely kinds. My good blogger friend, Cynthia who writes Indian Vanity Case (check it out, if you haven’t yet) was kind enough to help me keep the blog going. She decided to give me her Top 5. Thank you CZ, I <3 you so much!

  • Cremesheen Glass ~ My favorite lip gloss of all time. I have it in Partial to Pink- a light creamy yellow pink with light gold pearl. which looks very natural on my lips. The texture is creamy & non-sticky…love!
  • Golden Bronzing Powder ~ To tell you the truth, I bought this for the orange “To The Beach” packaging & didn’t really care about whether or not the bronzer is any good. Little did I know that it would turn out to be one of my favorite products. The bronze with subtle gold shimmer makes my complexion look healthier, especially now when it’s cold and my skin tone is paler. I feel so exotic when I have it on my face :)
  • Eye Pencil in Coffee ~ I almost cried when I sharpened one of these for the last time. Best brown eye pencil I’ve ever used.
  • Satin Taupe Eyeshadow (Frost) ~ Described as a taupe with silver shimmer, it is my go-to “neutral” eyeshadow. Great as an all-over lid color or just on the crease and outer V. It’s so versatile that you can apply a small amount for a light wash of color or build the shade up to make it look more intense. I see why it’s one of MAC’s best-selling eyeshadows.
  • Cleanse Off Oil ~ My very first cleansing oil, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never go back to using makeup removers ever again! Just a pump or two of this completely removes my makeup (including waterproof mascara.) It does not break me out or make my skin feel tight afterwards. It’s amazing! Definitely buying again after I’m done with my other cleansing oils. It is 100% mineral oil free too.

Amazing products, no? I can’t wait to go out and buy these as soon as I have money, lol! She was so sweet, she even put together the picture. 
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20 thoughts on “Cynthia of Indian Vanity Case’s Top 5 MAC Products~

  1. rashmi

    ohh i have one only product :( … now even i have to go and try these … i adore cynthia and i know i can never go wrong with her fave :)


  2. Cynthia Z

    Aww…it was a pleasure doing this post girl.
    @Bhumika~ All Mac blushes are nice & couldn't pick just one, so I decided to pick a bronzer :)
    @Ana- haha…I know! God should make us all rich 😀
    Rashmi- Thanks dear! r recos are good too



  3. Ki

    Cleanse off oil is next on my list 😀

    Shivani – If you had to pick a NARS blush for me – would it be Exhibit A or Taj mahal? I'm SO confused. :-/


  4. aoyv

    Taj Mahal is discontinued now at Sephora…but it was super flattering on Indian skin-tones. I don't remember much about Exhibit A…its a darker version of Torrid, I think . I love Torrid, I think you'll love it too.


  5. Witoxicity8

    That's so sweet of Cynthia! 😀 Anyway, are your exam results out yet?! I hope you did well in it. Think positive about being in the 40%! :)


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