You guys have no idea how much I missed you guys and blogging during this whole enforced break. Blogging is such a vital part of me now and I really miss interacting with you guys, ranting and raving about make-up and life! Anyways, now I have a huge line up of things to review and let’s start off with Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask.
I’m such a big fan of face masks in general, I think its so important to give your skin a little treat once in a while. Therefore, a face mask is definitely one of my must haves skin-care items. I was looking for a new one, taking a break from my usual Lush Fresh Face Masks, I thought Boscia would make an interesting and novel choice. I picked it up! :)
It is a peel-off mask, so it was a far cry from the exfoliating ones I am used to. It is a thick black jelly like substance which is to be applied in an even layer and kept on for 15-20 minutes, as it dries. It claims to boost skin clarity and radiance by removing dirt and impurities and minimizing pores.
What I liked about it?
  • It did leave my skin clear and fresher looking. So it did what it said it would. Pores were minimized and skin was indeed radiant. A big plus!
  • Greater shelf value than most masks.
  • Portable, so travel friendly!
What I didn’t like about it?
  • Quantity is too less, one tube will last for 5-6 uses. For $44/Cdn, I definitely do expect more. Let down!
  • While it may be fun for some people to peel off the masks, I found it rather annoying and slightly painful. Although it will help if you let it dry for longer, as it will peel off much easily.
  • It takes 20 minutes to dry completely, definitely not something I’ll like to indulge in often. I much prefer those 5 minute masks.
Overall thoughts: So while it is indeed good for your skin, I would not repurchase it. For $44, I expect more value than 5-6 uses. Also, it is one of the lesser user friendly masks I have used. I would much rather buy 5 Lush Fresh Face Masks with my $44! Sorry Boscia, it didn’t work out between us </3.
Some comic relief!
The give-away is closed! Expect the results by this weekend. Please take-off the announcements from your side-bars if you haven’t done already. Thanks :)
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15 thoughts on “Back with Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask

  1. Glitterglamourgrace

    Welcome back:-)

    Thanks for the crisp review…and the pic was indeed LOL.

    44CDN for 5 uses is a bit too high. I am not too sure of your skin type..but if its anything like combi-oily, try the Blue Corn Mask from body shop. It works as exfoliator+mask and does a pretty job and the results are lovely too.


  2. aoyv

    Thanks P! :)
    My skin is on the dry side, so I guess it wont fit the bill. But Blue corn sounds so good :)
    And the pic, well I just HAD to do it. lol.


  3. Anamikasureka

    wow ..this one is expensive but some how black mask makes me feel that they will yield better result :D:D

    u looking really fab :D:D I mean i enjoyed seeing your pic :)

    it so funny :)


  4. rashmi

    lovely pic sweetie :) and thanks for the review …..
    i picked taos at last … but still i think its going to take long time to reach me here … may be jan or feb .. but i am happy coz i truely trust ur choice , still gets compliments for coppertone …
    will always thank u for that 😀


  5. aoyv

    Taos is really nice. I am trying to get back to posting and will do a post on it very soon. I also love lovejoy tonnes. Isn't Coppertone lovely?? Its such a gorgeous blush. No need to thank me dear, its amazing, just spreading the love. lol.


  6. rashmi

    ahhh u wont believe .. i pick that only these days and love the color so much its so natural and adorable …. i am so happy it worked for me .. never ever tried the color earlier :) :) :) now i will wait for taos post hahah …


  7. Fieran

    Hehe, the black mask is cute. My favourite dark coloured mask is Lush's Cupcake. It works really well on drying out my small pimples and such. Smells divine too.


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