So next up from the latest Annabelle etheREAL collection are the Mineral Powder Eyeliner. This formulation is limited edition and as far as I know, Mineral Powder Eyeliners are not a part of their permanent line. So shouldn’t that fact itself make you want to run and get your hands on these? Well, if that’ not enough, let me further elaborate why you should add these to your stash.
Hex is a bronze with golden flecks in it and Jinx is a steel grey with silver. Both the colors make amazing helping hands to a great smokey eye and of course, can also be worn on their own. The texture of the product itself is amazing and comes on with minimal fall out. At $9.95, these do make a tempting offer, but the one minor flaw is the longevity of wear. Without primer, I get 2-3 hours of a perfectly drawn line. With primer, the life is extended remarkably to almost 5 hours.
Smudged for a smokey effect
User friendly felt tip liner
Overall thoughts? If you want a mineral based eyeliner, I would recommend these to you without any hesitation. They are of great quality and affordable price range. Also, these are more user friendly than a lot of other mineral eye-liners in the market.
Note: Products shown in the entry were sent by the company. 
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