Hi guys, I have soo much stuff that should have been reviewed, but got side-tracked for whatever reasons. I have decided to do mini-reviews on those items, I hope you guys don’t mind. First up is Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat. It costed around $8 or $9, I am not sure exactly what. What I liked about it? Dries superfast! Minimal room for budging and messing up of nail polish. Gives a glossy feel, if that’s what… Read more »

So next up from the latest Annabelle etheREAL collection are the Mineral Powder Eyeliner. This formulation is limited edition and as far as I know, Mineral Powder Eyeliners are not a part of their permanent line. So shouldn’t that fact itself make you want to run and get your hands on these? Well, if that’ not enough, let me further elaborate why you should add these to your stash. Hex is a bronze with golden flecks in it and Jinx… Read more »

I had the opportunity to preview Annabelle Cosmetics’ newest collection a while back when I guest blogged for them. They sent me out the entire collection, so some reviewing was definitely in order. Holiday business got the better of me and I procrastinated with the blog thing like no tomorrow. I am sorry about that and in case you are wondering, the collection is still in stores, so you won’t miss out! Out of all the things they sent me,… Read more »

Winter is in full swing, so why not play up your pale(r) skin with cool hues of purples and pinks? I did a cool purple eye using icy pinks and purples, shimmery pink cheeks and pale pink lips. Eyes: MAC Swish e/s – inner half of the lid MAC Beautiful Iris e/s – outer third of the lid blended with Swish e/s MAC Stars & Rockets e/s – inner half of the crease. Urban Decay Flash e/s – outer half… Read more »

Hi guys, I am so sorry for not posting as much as I should. I’m just drifting apart from my usual interests, I don’t know why. Don’t worry, make-up is still my love, but I’m discovering other sides of me and also falling in love with other things. I really hope this only proves to be a good thing for the blog. Hmm, ha! Enough ranting. Let’s get started on what I found? Yup, that’s right, its Benefit Dallas Pressed… Read more »

You guys have no idea how much I missed you guys and blogging during this whole enforced break. Blogging is such a vital part of me now and I really miss interacting with you guys, ranting and raving about make-up and life! Anyways, now I have a huge line up of things to review and let’s start off with Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask. I’m such a big fan of face masks in general, I think its so important to give… Read more »

Hi guys, sorry I have been extremely busy lately. Well, I haven’t been accomplishing much besides procrastinating, but it’s all good. If you guys can make a room for me in your prayers, I’ll be eternally grateful to you guys. I am writing a badass exam this Saturday, which 60% of people fail and I could definitely need some help of the divinely kinds. My good blogger friend, Cynthia who writes Indian Vanity Case (check it out, if you haven’t… Read more »

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