So, Sephora had a VIB sale, in which I got 20% off. I thought it would be a good time to get things which I had been putting off for a while. I hadn’t even visited Sephora in like two months, really!  So my mom, who had been so supportive of me regarding this blog, decided to declare me vain and irrational for buying things for the blog. Well its true that I don’t wear make-up everyday, but it is my passion. She is an artist, so she paints and does crafts and her hobby is justified. Mine is vain and irrational because its make-up. Isn’t that unfair!? She was all the more happy till I stuck to yoga and dance (for the record, I still practice yoga, but I have no longer take dance) but really angry with my so called obsession with make-up. BIG. FAT. WHATEVER. Anyways, back to my haul, this is what I got :)

(Ok, I think I sound rather immature, but I feel that I get a lot of backlash for loving make-up and its totally uncalled for, especially since I buy it with MY money!)

Boscia Luminizing Black Face-mask
Benefit Femme Metale Kit – comes with 3 creaseless cream eyeshadows and 3 eyeliners.
Korres Milk Proteins Make-up removing wipes.
Korres 10 eyeliner set.
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
Nars Blushes in Taos (left) & Lovejoy (Right)
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl
Benefit blushes in Dallas (left) & Coralista (Right)

Is there anything you guys want reviewed first? And do you ever get hated on for loving make-up?

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18 thoughts on “The haul which got me in trouble. Sigh.

  1. Anamikasureka

    you haul is superb ..a pack of 10 eyeliner…Please swatch them asap..and this 3 cream eye shadows wow..lucky u girl..

    …moms are like that nooo….she will gift you make up and then scold u too..don take it too heart..she will become your best friend when u get me for this..


  2. aoyv

    Anamika, she is already my best friend and also, the worst enemy. The biggest critic and the biggest fan. In short, she is my mom. But she ruined my day yesterday.
    Yeah the Korres eyeliners were such a good deal 10 eyeliners for $44 and 20% off!


  3. Glitterglamourgrace

    beautiful haul Shivani… I liked each and every thing u bought..Please review the benefit shadows, korres lip crayons..and yeah agree with being sneered upon for loving makeup..I have seen it all..but like I told you yesterday, devised some ways to atleast save my mind from pain and


  4. Tanveer Parmar

    I loved your haul – I like the benefit eyeshadow trio & that Korres 10 eyeliner kit is so cute. Plus you got Coralista! Wow.. I am loving your haul 😀

    As for people talking about my makeup, *sigh*, tell me about it. I have been hearing so much about it that now I have begun to feel guilty about buying stuff. Whenever I like something, another voice in my head pops up & is like “You already have something similar to this, put it down!”

    Imagine, I broke my 2 mnth makeup shopping ban yesterday & all I got was one blush & one gloss! I just couldn't get myself to get anything, I kept feeling guilty 😛


  5. Peachesandblush

    Awesome haul shivani!!! I know wht u mean..i love my mom to bits and she's my best friends but she rolls her eyes everytime i spend time on my blog or go and buy more makeup…Its totally unfair…My brother's hobby is videogames..if that is justiied so should makeup !!! Love that 10 eyeliner neat!
    As usual, i adore both the blushes..


  6. rashmi

    AMAZINGGGG haul dear :) … i think i will come again and again to see this :) …. m out of words wow .. 2 nars 2 benefit and so much more :) ….
    m happy as if i have this in my kitty :)

    review all the blushes first :)


  7. rashmi

    yeahhhh nars ones plsssss i seriously request u , coz i searchd makeup alley they have awesome reviews .. so i am just going maddd .. i want them yaar … aabhi nahin to kaab loongi :) its like now or never situation :)


  8. Glitterglamourgrace

    LOL…what an excuse darling!!!!

    “Abhi nahin tho kabhi loongi”?? now or made me laugh..I could even imagine your face..very innocently telling…ROTFL


  9. Poohkie

    I can understand why you're upset. I don't know anyone who shares my passion for makeup. In fact most people I know would think of it as a 'frivolous' pursuit. But I think that 'they' need a change in attitude. If someone is passionate about something, then who are others to judge?

    My mom doesn't judge me though. I think she understands that it is something that I enjoy & let's me do my thing.


  10. shivani thakur

    your haul is superb!!!!!!would have yelled at you too if i were ur mommy…:))) just kidding…
    i also recieve a lot of flak for going overboard with my shopping esp for makeup..its really subtle..cause its from dear hubby…but flak nonetheless…what r u goin to do with all this makeup jaanu????
    lol…i still go ahead and buy it coz its my money…:)))
    shivanis last post


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