So, I read Rashmi’stag on her perfect imperfections and thought it would be a good idea to do mine. I have so many imperfections, but I am very forgiving to myself too. I don’t obsess over it, I have a tendency to let go and rejoice with my simplicity. But it is a good idea to remind myself of my shortcomings and strengths.

My three imperfections:
1) I don’t photograph well. The pictures you guys see for my face of the days are not actually my pictures. What I mean to say is that I take those in a mirror’s reflection. I look like an alien in my real pictures. It is ok, though – life goes on!
2)I’m a procrastinator #1! I leave everything to the last minute, which is not a good thing. I have failed (not literally – but just under-performed) many times because of it. It is something I really need to work on.
3)My body. I have a tendency to put on weight in my mid-section. I work hard at it though. I don’t completely hate my body though, just my stomach.
My three perfections:
1) My face – lol, I am not implying that my face is perfect. It is far from it, but I do love my face because I look so much like my mom. I love my mom dearly and I am grateful that God decided to give me her features. Even though I am a lesser version of her, sometimes when I see in the mirror, I see a lot of her.
2) I am jealousy-proof, I really am! I can’t feel jealous even if I try, it saves me so much anguish and I am grateful that I am like that.
3) My legs. I have insanely long legs for someone who is just 5 feet 3 inches tall. I guess it almost makes up for my flabby tummy. No, not really, but I am grateful for my legs! :)
I tag all of you for this tag. Its important to ground and praise yourself sometimes.
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6 thoughts on “TAG: My perfect imperfections.

  1. Tanveer Parmar

    That was such a sweet post.. You're lucky u don't get all J, I used to earlier.. I learnt the hard way. There was this girl in my high school, the secret & not so secret crush of almost all the guys in my year. She was gorgeous & obviously, here was I – very geeky – & I envied her a lot.

    Her world seemed perfect to me, soon we became friends, & up close things did seem perfect for her, all the guys wanted to talk her to her. She was the most popular girl in high school. Or so it seemed to me, untill she commited suicide over a failed relationship. That came as such a blow to me, not only did i lose a friend, I also realised that all this while I envied her “perfect” life while she clearly didn't see it like that.

    Since that day I rarely envy anyone. :)


  2. rashmi

    m so proud of u … and its so appreciable that u have overcome the phase where we all feel J of this that or whatever …. now i know the secret of ur pics :)


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