You may have heard of Soniya Mehra, she is an upcoming bollywood actress and a total sweetheart. She tweets back to her fans, yes that’s really rare for a celebrity. I totally dig her breezy, girly style and asked her what her must have five products are! Much to my surprise, she replied. (You totally made my day Soniya xo)

courtesy of DNA

Her favorites are:
1) MAC Angel Lipstick
2) OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark” Nail Polish
3) Dior Iconic Mascara
4) NARS Orgasm Blush
5)Ecriture de Chanel Eyeliner

Amazing picks, right? I totally (heart) this girl, I hope she becomes a really successful actress someday, soon! Never change Soniya, your down-to-earthiness is what makes you so special.

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8 thoughts on “Soniya Mehra’s Top 5!

  1. Peachesandblush

    That is so sweet that she actually replied…i like her style, shes got that very pretty girl next door feel to it


  2. rashmi

    hey i think she is late vinod mehra's daughter … i think m right :)
    its so sweet of her to reply you on twitter :)
    me love angel lipstick … have u tried shivu ???


  3. aoyv

    Yeah she is, she is really sweet too! She has acted in one movie, but coming up with another. I hope she is really successful soon!

    I'll have to try Angel soon, I don't have a big lipstick collection.


  4. rashmi

    u know shivu .. angel is Kim K's fav lippie .. with nars turkish delight lip gloss .. i know its old story and u might be knowing this :(

    have to find some new news … i mean new fav of her's ..


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