If you just googled “MAC Melba Blush” and ended up on my site wondering why all of a sudden a MAC Blush is rectangular, it is ok. Really, it is! This particular blush is from A Tartan Tale Collection face kit. Don’t worry, I don’t get duped s*** from e-bay. What you see is, what you get baby! So back to MAC Melba Blush (matte) which is a soft coral peach, is my newest love. Melba in Greek means slender. Thin is in, and don’t you agree? LOL!
MAC Melba on NC 35 skin-tone
What really impressed me about this color is that its sooo pigmented and can easily be layered for more pay-off! Brilliance! It reminds me so much of another favorite blush of mine, which is MAC Peaches but they are definitely different. Melba is slightly more orange and  Peaches, is well more of a ripe peach, ha!  The color pay-off of Peaches is lesser than Melba because it is a sheer-tone blush and Melba is a matte blush. Should I do a side by side comparison post? Will that be helpful for you guys?
Blended MAC Melba on NC 35 skin-tone
Overall thoughts? Really pretty blush for people of Medium to Medium-dark complexions. Really just one of those colors which lift up your mood. When I am sad, I look at my blush collection, the colors strangely lift me up, so it being this happy, cheery color, it does it for me in one instance. It is probably not the most unique color in the market, even within MAC’s permanent collection you may find a dupe, but if you are a coral blush fiend, or even a blush fiend, you will love MAC Melba hands down.
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23 thoughts on “Let’s try to be slender like MAC Melba Blush (ha!)

  1. Getgawjus

    I really did not know that melba looked so pretty! Your's is the prettiest swatch I've seen so far hehe. Am gona get it now :)


  2. Anamikasureka

    I guess this blush is going to suit my dusky complexion.Quiet pigmented and using a rectangular blush will be quiet interesting as well.


  3. rashmi

    yeah i second on a side by side review ..
    but i loveeeeeed this … i am eyeing for matte blushes from MAC ..
    so this is first in my list , next coppertone and you can suggest me some more

    but from here i mean ur post i ended up adding melba , coppertone , style and dollymix :(
    now tell me its bad for me or bad for hubbies pocket ???


  4. Poohkie

    WOW! I have to say this is by far the most beautiful blush I have ever seen. And I'm not even a blush person. Looks like it'll provide a lovely, natural flush.


  5. Guest

    Where did you hear that “melba” means “slender” in greek?
    Maybe you should read a book first before you try to play it smart 😉


  6. aoyv

    I think you dont get the point of this. It is a make-up blog, not a linguistic blog. I understand you dont think Melba is a Greek name, I am fine with this. I am not Greek, dont speak Greek and what I got was from the link I gave to you before. And yes, it is a wonderful blush and THAT is the point. Lots of love to you :) 


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