Are you a disorganized mess? Are you always storing your eye-shadows where they can easily fall off from and break? Do you still act heart-broken after they fall and break into a million pieces? Yes, I am talking about myself, but if this applies to you as well…ALL IZZ WELL! lol. I’ll show you how to fix broken eyeshadows.

What you need:

A zip-lock bag, a fork, a dropper (not pictured), a clean tissue (not pictured), a coin (not pictured) and revving alcohol – 90% or more. The higher the concentration of alcohol, the faster the eye-shadow will dry.

You will also need a broken eyeshadow, lol.

For the rest of the tutorial, keep reading.

Step 1: Place the eyeshadow in a zip-lock bag.

Step 2: Using the end of a butter knife or fork, crush the eyeshadow into tiny pieces.

Step 3: Take the eyeshadow out of the bag. This is what it should look like. Shiteous, for the lack of better word!

Step 4: Using a dropper, place 6-8 drops of alcohol in the pan.

For a MAC eyeshadow, use 4-5 drops.

Step 5 – Take a tissue, put a quarter in it. Wet it with the alcohol.

Step 6 – Press it into the eyeshadow. Do it for like 1 minute.

Step 7 – Wait for 30 minutes to an hour and your eyeshadow will be ready.

I also broke my MAC Swish eyeshadow and now its fixed :) The texture of swish is better because the coin is a better presser for rounder shapes. My Urban Decay Graffiti eyeshadow does not look as good as my MAC swish, but I am happy to have them both in one piece.

Another thing, I did not know how to fix a broken eyeshadow on my own. I would love to say that I am so smart and all-knowing, but I am not. I got to know how to do this through Kandee Johnson’s youtube tutorial. I think in blogging and beauty community, its so important that you give credit where its due. One of my good blogger friends has been a victim of plagiarism where her posts shamelessly get lifted off on another blog. I hope my other blogger friends are with me on this, cheating is never cool!

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16 thoughts on “How to fix broken eyeshadow: Tutorial

  1. Anamikasureka

    Shivani..tell me one thing will the eye shadow colour lighten up by adding alcohol into it.?

    .this is something very very useful


  2. rashmi

    hey cool dear :) will wait for a broken eyeshadow :) LOL ….
    i agree abt the credit part …
    i tell u what … i saw a reader on my fav site mentioning how to take out inglot eyeshadow i posted on my blog and gave her credit but THE BLOGGER did the same thing shamelessly and didnt mentioned in her post.. hahahhahah

    but thumbs up for post :)


  3. Confessionsofabeautyholic

    I've seen some tutorials on you tube and I wish I had seen them before I threw away my favourite bronzer… it was a limited edition, that I can't get anymore and I am yet to find anything similar to it! :(


  4. Tanveer Parmar

    Hey, I had no clue that one could salvage broken eyeshadows like this! Thks for sharing this Shivani & it is very nice of you to give credit where due. Not too many people do that. 😀


  5. Witoxicity

    That's an excellent tutorial! Thank you. And yes, I agree with you about plagiarism. I don't get why people would just copy someone else's work and not give credit for it. They will get caught in some way or another!


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